tomos a35

I have a 2006 tomos with an A35. It is stock except for a Biturbo.

I am new to all of this but am thinking I'd like to upgrade the

handling and give the engine some more pop. I've read some

discussions about 'bolt ons' and am now thinking I should

have someone do the work for me. Any recommendations

on who is really good at it yet cheap????

Oh....I'm in the SF Bay Area.

Re: tomos a35

its not really that hard to do yourself. really minor work. i hear thats theres shops all in san fran though. good luck and welcome to the forum.

Re: tomos a35

Thanks Aaron(Zeo),

I thought it would be easy too. Looked at speed kits that are supposed to be

'bolt on' and thought I'd try it but then started reading forum messages

about all the little parts that need to be replaced for optimum peformance when installing a 'bolt on'. It then started to sound like a knowledgeable mechanic

would know what works best as far as combinations.

I was running around town today and am now interested to find out

if the forks can be modified and the rear shocks replaced to handle

a bit better. The damn kickstand got in the way too when I leaned

through a turn.


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