GTX Turbocam vs. SYM DD 50

I need help making a decision between two mopeds. I will try to just be as straight forward and lay the facts down.

I live in Maui. I need a moped to travel 5-15 miles to work, depending on what school I get called to. Money is tight, so value is definitely important. I am not sure how long I will live here, but I'm guessing around 9 months. Why is this important? Because then I would be re-selling the moped.

Vento GTX Turbocam ('08)

$1299, 3-month warranty

PROS: speed, lower price, holds its value in Maui, I'm told

CONS: Chinese manufactured, company only a few years old, cheap, parts probably harder to find

SYM DD 50 ('08)

$1750, 1-year warranty

PROS: better made, Taiwanese, more reliable, parts easier to find/replace

CONS: $450 more than GTX, slower by about 10-15 mph, would have to get de-restricted to make faster for $200

HELP! Yes, I have heard that the cheap Chinese ones are crap. But if I only plan to use it for a few months, and take good care of it, am I still taking a risk? Is the SYM worth the extra $450, and the fact that it's slower? I would greatly appreciate any insight on this. Thanks!


Re: GTX Turbocam vs. SYM DD 50

1. Not a moped.

2. I took care of my scooter, and its still died on me.

3. A moped is was cheaper.

If your going for a scooter, get one that u can find replacement parts for.

Re: GTX Turbocam vs. SYM DD 50

I know you're in Maui and there is no TOMOS dealer in Hawaii, but is that the only selections you have? If it is, you are in Maui and not on Oahu where parts are not readily available. Get the SYM. It is one of the largest scooter manufacturer and world known. It should also have the higher value.

Re: GTX Turbocam vs. SYM DD 50

i would go sym

Re: GTX Turbocam vs. SYM DD 50

I guess my hesitancy about the SYM is just that is goes slower, and it would costs an additional $200 to get it de-restricted. So in all, that is an extra $650 for something that I am going to use for about 9 months. Is the GTX so crappy that I can't even rely on it for that long, if I'm not riding at full speed all of the time? That's what I wonder.

Re: GTX Turbocam vs. SYM DD 50

the crappy one will probably drop it's value completely by the time you're done with it, especially if it breaks. The sym will still be under warranty when you sell it. find yourself a moped, i bet there's a shit load of them on maui.


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