GTX Turbocam vs. SYM DD 50

HJane /

I need help making a decision between two mopeds. I will try to just be as straight forward and lay the facts down.

I live in Maui. I need a moped to travel 5-15 miles to work, depending on what school I get called to. Money is tight, so value is definitely important. I am not sure how long I will live here, but I'm guessing around 9 months. Why is this important? Because then I would be re-selling the moped.

Vento GTX Turbocam ('08)

$1299, 3-month warranty

PROS: speed, lower price, holds its value in Maui, I'm told

CONS: Chinese manufactured, company only a few years old, cheap, parts probably harder to find

SYM DD 50 ('08)

$1750, 1-year warranty

PROS: better made, Taiwanese, more reliable, parts easier to find/replace

CONS: $450 more than GTX, slower by about 10-15 mph, would have to get de-restricted to make faster for $200

HELP! Yes, I have heard that the cheap Chinese ones are crap. But if I only plan to use it for a few months, and take good care of it, am I still taking a risk? Is the SYM worth the extra $450, and the fact that it's slower? I would greatly appreciate any insight on this. Thanks!


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