what moped is this?

What do i call this moped for future posts? I replaced front fork it says 2hp on side, its pretty stock besides fork. ANd how do i clean exahust?


Re: what moped is this?

Puch Maxi.

Re: what moped is this?

Troll detected.


Re: what moped is this?

i never seen one like that before what is puch

it must be very rare

Re: what moped is this?

We are the Buzz Killers here in Jacksonville, Florida and we might have a fix it this weekend if we get any interest. What side of town do live on? Do you have any moped parts for sale?The exhaust is easy to clean. Take the exhaust off the engine and remove the nut that hold the baffle in and pull out the EXHAUST PIPE and get a wood broom handle and pound it in the Exhaust to remove the baffle.

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