Newbie wants to buy a moped....any advise

Hi everyone. I am looking to buy a moped to get around on the island I live on and need only to travel about 30-35 mph at the most. I've heard great things about Tomas. Are there other makers out there that I should also consider? What cost am I looking at to buy a gently used 1-3 year old Tomas or other reliable moped? I found a 2001 Tomas for $550. Is that too high? Does anyone have Tomas or other reliable moped they are selling?



Re: Newbie wants to buy a moped....any advise

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$550 seems a bit high although being on an island might command a higher price (it's actually Tomos, btw)... although nowadays prices for used mopeds everywhere have climbed with the rising cost of gas.

I'm sure the Seattle folks will eventually chime in with superior local knowledge.

For any pedal moped that's only a couple/few years old with reliability, Tomos is pretty much your only recourse. I'm glad you're not even thinking about any of those Chinese scooters, steer clear of them.

Good luck.


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