connecticut moped ride

yo moped army members in ct

im jay of the mopedgang ct

we want to do a ride anyone down??

we live near the palmer mass,line so massholes are ok too

we were thinking of some type of ride

half cruise,half race,lunch,etc.

lets get it going


we have a spare ped or too if anyone needs one to ride,...jay

see attached pic...


Re: connecticut moped ride

thedrifter /

im in CT, near Uconn

Re: connecticut moped ride

hey,drifter,im jay

right down the road a piece in good ol'stafford springs!

not sure when a good day is to ride but maybe we can set something up...later

Re: connecticut moped ride

Hey Jay, I'm in, since you allow Massholes (no offense taken, at all) I met you at Moe's ride in May. Do you have any special date in mind. Shoot me an email.


Re: connecticut moped ride


Let us know when you plan on it Jay. Would love to follow someone else for a change.

e-mail me


Re: connecticut moped ride

spork Guarnierius /

Hey Jay, I'd love to come down. Let me know the date as soon as you can and hopefully I can fit it into my schedule. I haven't been able to work in a group ride since Moes' so I'm iching to roll in a pack again.

Re: connecticut moped ride

Perfekt Timing Angel /

I'll be up in Norwalk, CT, September 1st - 8th or 10th. Is there anything going on close to that town?

Re: connecticut moped ride


We're 85 miles from there. Let us know for sure when you're here and Bobbie & I will get together for a ride with you.


Re: connecticut moped ride

sundays are best.

before september.

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