SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

hey...anybody in iowa want one of these? i just saw one at a garage sale...its probably still there. if you want it its in Bagley iowa at the corner of main and 4th street. i got a pretty fucked up CT70 there for $40, but the sno-runner was $125 i think, they said they'd be willing to go lower.

these are hard to find and i figured i'd give a heads up since they arent really my ideal vehicle.

Re: SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

Send it to me man.

Just for downhill.. this one I made for my daughter, as you see it has flurry brakes.

another fast snowy ride....

Now I gotta combinate that and this....

(sorry jenirae, hehee)

Re: SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

thats cheap grab it

Re: SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

Link me to that shit and see if they'll ship to Ohio.

Re: SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

Hey sno-ped was _my_ idea! No fair!

Re: SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

Leon Swarmer /

It's ok, Chrysler sold them to the military and they foudn they were very limited and didn't want them, then Chrysler sold to the public. Wonder whay they aren't made anymore?

How many types of snow are there?

Re: SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

No, I seen versions done since the 40's. I wasn't there, but I've seen ads, and plans and stuff. Quite a few years ago, I thought it was my idea too, or I wouldn't have said this. hahhaa

I know snow.

hmmm well there's white snow. Iveseen that alot. and there's yellow snow. I tastes like lemon. There's brown snow from melt-off, and even grey or blackish snow from that same thing I seen snow with bugs all over in it. I seen snow thatmakes you feel like an elf while you wander through it's galaxie of bemusement.

Theres' _Hard snow_ that hurts your shins to walk through. There's soft snow that can feel as soft as rabbit's fur. There's troubling snow that gets caught up on your wipers so bad that ya gotta get out every couple miles to knock it off.

There's snow that gets in the house when somebody tracked it all the way to the bedroom or somethin'!

There's snow that sticks to your roof til late June, and rots your shingle off. There's snow that's perfect for tossing inot a bong, and addin' a little water to for immediate bubbles. There's snow that gets into your back of your coat called a _scooper_ when you're sleddin' down off a huge drifty ledge.

There's snow that never touches the ground, and there's snow that never leaves the ground. There's plenty of snow to go around.

Re: I know snow.

how do i link somebody to a garage sale?

Re: I know snow.

Sno runners go for 350 minnimum on ebay in non runnign condition.

I paid almost $700 for mine. Its mint though.

Re: I know snow.

well shit, i wish i would have had money. it looked pretty complete...

Re: I know snow.

It was at frist the Sno-Runner, then chrysler sold em, and they were called the Sno-Rabbit.

Ive seen a similar conraption made by eccho.

Re: I know snow.

Your bus is AWESOME Deezy!

Re: I know snow.

Oh man I want one so bad...if only I lived someplace where we got more than .5" of snow a year. If I still lived in Colorado I would totally have one.

Re: SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

Those sleds are cool but that bottom photo is hysterical.

Re: SNO-RUNNER spotted for sale in IOWA

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

i want one. bad.

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Re: I know snow.

I guess I got excited and didn't see where you said you saw it.


Re: I know snow.



sno runners

I just saw two up for sale in wausau wi craigslist, they want $600 for the pair. Actually look kinda fun.

Re: I know snow.

Actually, the best place to ride it is in about 1/2" of snow. I take mine to the soccer field complex near my house. one inch is perfect for the sno runner.

Re: sno runners

I recomned snowrunners to everyone. Not only does it look like a blast, It is a blast. if you can get 2 for $600.00 Do It. Riding with someone else is the best. You can go on long trips that way.

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