08 tomos a55 upgrade question

Im new to this so be kind, i got an 08 tomos st with 22 rear installed,just bought a biturbo pipe with a uni filter and the jet i got with the filter looks like a 68 , so with that said does that sound about right? because i heard with technigas pipe you go to

a 61 jet? let me know..

Re: 08 tomos a55 upgrade question

Seems a bit high, maybe 60-64 or so. Do a plug chop though to be sure it could be right.

Re: 08 tomos a55 upgrade question


Re: 08 tomos a55 upgrade question

Ignore the troll. With a uni pod and a biturbo you should run a #60 jet. You will loose most of your low end with the set up. It may be better to run the biturbo with the stock air box and #58 main jet. It may not have the bright high end as using the uni pod but you should get back most of the low end. Check out the set up on carb up grade jets from 1977 Moped. Sometimes the set up doesn't work, but if it does, It is about the fastest set up I know of.

Re: 08 tomos a55 upgrade question

Hey... Hey there, "A55" Looks like "ass". Yup.

Re: 08 tomos a55 upgrade question

BryAn eurism /

Hey Marvin did you see it's that guy from Bell again, on his laptop under the bridge by the 710. The Sprint is awake!

But to put my 1/50th of a dollar in, Biturbo-58 jet-stock airbox is the best all-around. Some bottom, wipes up good, no hassles, and good enough to blast a few cagers

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