Blood Drive Attendees: Long Ride PLEASE READ

a couple of points and notes i want to make in regard to the long ride so that there is little confusion.



please make sure that your camping gear, and overnight stuff is in one of the chase vehicles prior to the ride. you'll be sleeping outside so don't forget your tent and sleeping bag.

please make sure that you are gassed up and ready to go before the ride. there is a gas station located at pike and broadway. from linda's tavern go two blocks east on pine, take a right on broadway and the gas station will be on your left.

eat some grub, it's a long ride.


there are two rides leaving. the first will be a fast (40mph+) ride for the kitted bikes who want to blast. the second will leave a half hour later and will be the slow (30mph) ride. if you get on to the fast ride and feel like you can't keep up, you can pull over and wait for the slow ride as they will be taking the same route.

17.5 miles into the ride we will encounter an intersection with traffic cameras. DO NOT RUN THIS INTERSECTION OR BLOCK TRAFFIC HERE. the cameras will snap photos of your plates (if you have them) and they'll mail you a nice little $100 ticket. the intersection is 168th st sw/52nd ave w. blockers will try to let everyone know as we approach the intersection, and will attempt to block riders from running the light. we'll regroup in the parking lot across from the intersection.

34 miles into the ride we'll be approaching the 529 trestle. this is a highway with speeds around 55mph. it's 2 miles long, but shouldn't present a problem. if you breakdown on the trestle please pull off to one of the exits along the way as the chase vehicles won't be able to pull over on the trestle itself.

when we come off of the trestle, we'll stop to regroup. we'll now be in marysville. the police are dicks in this area, be careful in running lights for the next mile or two.

45 miles into the ride we hit the intersection of marine dr/water works rd. the tulalip police station is on the corner, so be careful blocking here.

around the 60 mile point in stanwood the fast ride will pull over to wait for the slow ride. there's a bar right there if anyone wants a quick drink, or needs to wrench their bike. both rides will ride onto the island (the last 20 miles) as a group and we'll hit the campsite together.

be aware that you'll be riding back another 80 miles the next day.

that's all the stuff you should be aware of. the ride is going to be beautiful, and will probably beat any other blood drive ride we've done in the past. don't miss out.

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Re: Blood Drive Attendees: Long Ride PLEASE READ

Chris Hernandez /

Damn! I wish I weren't such a poor bastard, because that sounds like fun. I wish I could go.

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Be aware, be very aware!

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Your statement especially applies to you tony, remember this.


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ryan, I Appreciate your consern for my well being....Thank you :)

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No problem.

Dont blue up that new kit you got there, moderation is key

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wow dad

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