Stock e50 cylinders. Best to worst?

I know there a few different types of stock cylinders for the e50 and after checking out the karado top end post I was wondering which were better/worse? I checked the wiki and couldnt find any info on stock cylinder performance. Also how does a za50 top end figure into the e50 group?

Re: Stock e50 cylinders. Best to worst?

Well you got the e50 cylinders, the korado cylinders, the za50 cylinders, and then you have a magnum cylinder. Both the korado and the magnum cylinders have angled exhaust ports. The korado topends have high comp. heads and is a good thing to get when you want to go 50 or faster on a 50cc topend. But the korado topends are hard to come by. It tock me like 4 months to find one.

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