Polini Kit Question

Can you get the Polini Kit for Tomos or just for Avanti's?

Are they legal?

Re: Polini Kit Question

chuck russo va /

u can fit a puch polini kit on a tomos...but u have to use a puch carb abd high flow filter, also u would need to cut some cooling fins off and u would need to cut and weld the intake manifold for the tomos

Re: Polini Kit Question

not worth it, the reason why Polini doesn't make shit for the tomos, because tomos engines are pretty much limited.. when brought. Avanti + Polini equals.... DREAM MACHINE

Yea actually it is worth it.

I have it on my ped, it goes 61 mph. It wasnt much modification at all and its better than the tawain crap kit everyone sells. I go full thottle for miles and its great.

Tomos+ Polini= Lots of power.


Re: Yea actually it is worth it.

Anthony, where can I get a Polini Kit? How much?


Currently he is out of stock on the Polini kits, but he should have them in a week or 2.

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