Need Moped Appraisal

I inherited my moped. I was unable to locate the title.

I've checked with the Secretary of State for Illinois and they suggest I obtain a Assurety Bond.

To do this I need to get the moped appraised.

Does anyone have any suggestions as were I may go in the the Chicago suburbs. I have what may be ID'd as a Motobecane Mobylette or Cady.


Re: Need Moped Appraisal

i wouldnt go to all that trouble..its worht about 200 bucks

get a title from another statye and then just put it in your name.


Re: Need Moped Appraisal

I am a homosapien /

200 bucks? Where in the hell do you live? That ride would easily get you 500 bucks out in my neck of the woods.

But hey... would you sell it to me for 50 bucks?

Re: Need Moped Appraisal

agreed, you could sell it here (Burlington, VT) for 500 easy if it is running.

Re: Need Moped Appraisal

the appraisal is probably for tax purposes, keep the price low.

I know crook county wants your money.


Re: Need Moped Appraisal

I would pay a couple hundred.

Re: Need Moped Appraisal

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Never used it but heard it works. And in the end it ends up being cheaper than going through the SOS, just make take a little longer.

Re: Need Moped Appraisal

300-500. If its running, and you want to sell it in the chi,

you could get probably 800.

Re: Need Moped Appraisal

i sold a non-running non-titled moby in similar condition for $210 recently. that is NOT a $200 bike. $300+ i'd say.

Re: Need Moped Appraisal

Call around and say that it's for a surety bond, some places will know what that means. The insurance company wants someone, like a dealership, to sign a form giving you it's value. Find a couple of motorcycle shops, and get the bond for a fair amount- Don't low or high ball it. Make sure the shop will give you their address.

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