painting my wheels

ok so i have a black streetmate r and want to paint my wheels but i dont no what color or prep i would need to do so if you guys wanna post pics of your peds with painted wheels i would love to see them thanks in advance

Re: painting my wheels

powder coat or get ready to watch it chip like crazy after 10 miles.

Re: painting my wheels

can i do that myself or do i need to have someone do it

Re: painting my wheels

If you've got an extra oven lying around you can do it yourself.

Otherwise professional is the way to go.

I don't se any reason why you wouldn't be able to paint them as long as their prepped properly.

-scuff the paint on there now w/ some sandpaper


-few layer's of paint

-good to go

Re: painting my wheels

Like RJ said

scuff with sandpaper, spray primer, light sand the primer, then 2-3 coats of color (rattle can is easiest) they make a spray-on chip gaurd clearcoat, we have it at the bodyshop, they might sell it in autoparts stores, i dunno, if you can find that stuff put a coat of that over top might look a little rippley (it goes on THICK) but it'll protect the rims almost better than powdercoat.

and i'm sorry to the powdercoat people, but any "properly" applied paint will last just as long, if not longer (as in the case of modern automotive paints) than any powdercoat.

Re: painting my wheels

i rattlecanned a bike frame and the only way i could get it not to chip was to, after cleaning and priming it, put lots of very thin coats on and give each one a lot of time to dry - i waited 5 days after the last one, then clear coated, then waited more time, then put it back together - no chips... rattle can paint dries fast, but it takes a long time for it to set so it can flex with the thing its painted on (i guess?)

Re: painting my wheels

thanks a lot now i just need to decide on a color i was thinking black gold or red any pics?

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