tomos flywheel nut torque

TJ Miller /

hi, im looking for the correct amount of torque to put on my flywheel nut.

It's an a35 engine with an iskra cdi setup, also, the nut is setup for the oil injector (with the two arms on the nut)..

if someone knows the correct torque.. let me know!

Re: tomos flywheel nut torque

Reeperette /

In all honesty, I do not know...before folks start howlin for me to answer that one.

I usually use "urgh-factor" 3 or so, myself.

Your mileage may vary...


Re: tomos flywheel nut torque




Straight from a Tomos A35 workshop manual.

Re: tomos flywheel nut torque

if you can't make heads or tails from that ..

thats 22 foot pounds

(or 262 inch pounds .. depending on what your torque wrench is calibrated for)

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