Guess What?

lol exactly.

Re: Guess What?

I'm bowing down to you Harold.


Re: Guess What?

Fuck Kansas I moved the hell out! Florida baby!!

Re: Guess What?

Harold, lmfao!

Re: Guess What?

Man, who knew that Alf had it in him. Seeing him only from the shoulders down, I never knew. Is there a calendar available? I realize that it will probably be from a year that has already gone by, but still . . . .

My soap box crumbleth in scorn. hahaa!

The endurance of threads like these... (highly opinionated) just shows how bored we all are.

I am trying to convince my 9 year old daughter to brush her hair so she can put her helmet on without it getting all matted. She threw a little fit about her brush not being in the bathroom,so I walked into the living room and found it on the floor under a TV tray. TV trays make gigantic blind spots, but I leaned sideways a little and my eye caught it.

Then I tiptoed to her room, and since her door is cut sorta high, I was able to shove it under; as she had closed it with a slam earlier.

I waited a bit, then asked her if she saw it. It did make a scruffy noise as the teeth brushed the base of the door. _Hopefully she doesn't get door-mites_.

I'm adding to this thread with just "stuff" so you guys can read something other than bickering. In a few minutes I hope I'm not still stuck here, waiting on her to decide to get her helmet on.

By the way, a while ago, I took the speaker part off of a pair of old headphones, covered them with some fake fur with hotglue, and also hot glued them into her helmet in a blank spot, near her ears. I hope it doesn't hurt her ears or face if we were to wreck, but I don't think so.

Now she plugs her little pink Mp3 player into her helmet, and sings and listens to her music on our rides instead of listening to my loud intake burp out it's noise.

I hear her turning the tv on! That's a sign to get outof this house for awhile! It is hot as ever out there right now... about a 100 degrees, so it's time to ride and make our own breeze!

I guess adding to this thread, which had good intentions, is only asking for more input, negative or positive.... and since it's one of those things that gets easily seized for ill jabs, I hope it can be a place where people can still just get to know each other.

That being said, listen to your own words, and decipher what they may sound like, echoing in another one's ears. That is what people have from this place to know you by, and remember you by. How ugly do you want to allow yourself to be?

Re: My soap box crumbleth in scorn. hahaa!

toe fur at the library /

harold wins.

also, bry, i finally remembered meeting you. it took me a few weeks.

sorry about the whole solex fiasco.....shit's goin' down hardcore.

also, i like the gen's because it's like a good bar....

you have a few beers, talk a bunch of bullshit with a bunch of dudes and ladydudes you barely know, make a few hilariously inappropriate comments, then get yer moped and ride away.

i only read on the repair and performance forums. i'd rather learn than pretend that i know exactly what i'm talking about.

i'm barely on the members forum.

i don't know where i'm going with this, except to say that, i like the genfor because it's full of bullshit, and i like my evening to be entertaining.

Re: My soap box crumbleth in scorn. hahaa!

Deezy i thought your intitial response to this thread was insightful and stated in a really caring and respectful way.

That was an honest remark btw.

I really thought that was decent of you.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

_you guys keep trying to change someone’s opinion on a subject_

... isn't that kind of the point of civilized discourse?

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Don't be a hater on the Young Republican in Training.

Re: My soap box crumbleth in scorn. hahaa!

jesus christ people. who gives a shit, really? post a question, post a response to a question, make a joke, its all the same damn thing. brendan had it right when he said "it is imperative for your well being that you guys stop taking the internet so serious".

GENIUS that is fucking genius.

if you cant be associated with this site (which is 99% moped related even if there is profanity and gay jokes) because of your work, that sucks. i personally would never take a job where i cant read a fucking moped repair forum, let alone go digging around the internet for hot girl on girl on dog wrapped in saran wrap and doing unspeakable things with a chicken wing action. luckily for me my job encourages that exact thing.

life is too short to be so uptight about this crap. there are other forums where humor and personality are shunned, but for my money, which is none, MA is the greatest. i love being a non member who gets to learn a staggering amount of tricks and tips and general knowledge about moped repair and performance tuning and the like for free, and occasionally maybe help someone out if i have had the same problems. even beyond that, i cant wait for the day i can be a member in a gang and really truly be a part of this.

dont take this for granted, i have learned more from this site than any single source, and all i had to do was weed through some bad jokes. seems pretty fair to me.

Re: My soap box crumbleth in scorn. hahaa!

Yes that is the point of civilized (keyword civilized) discourse, the internet, as brendan said shouldn't be taken seriously and as such so shouldn't most of what is spewed on it.

Re: My soap box crumbleth in scorn. hahaa!

nah bry i wasnt telling you to get out i think youre first post was spot on and sometimes i feel the same as jerry did but it was just an option. if it sucks so bad. fix it, dont say anything, or just leave

im just kinda talking to the people i do know helping the people i can help and asking for help in the most polite way possible after pressing the search button.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Before everyone starts thinking that the entire Kansas school system is watched over by a homophobic and omniscient big brother, I would like to defend it by saying that I'm a K-12 product of the Lawrence school system, and I've never seen or heard of anything like that happening. Obviously I wasn't party to the administrative politics and/or gossip, but so long as you aren't sexually harassing students or embezzling funds, I don't think you need to worry about newspaper headlines. Perhaps that's just Lawrence, though.

Also, Topher, well said. My new goal for this week is to work "dudes and ladydudes" into a conversation at least once.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Linda, in one of my classes an administrator came from one of the local districts. He said if they are serious about a candidate, that they give the name to some kids and have them do some sluething online and see what they can dig up. Crap. My future lies in the hands of 16 year olds with computer skills that are far superior to mine! Schools are pretty funny from the inside.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

bry if u send me a list of threads that contain anything u feel could hurt your opportunity I can delete ur responses

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

i do feel somewhat the same with bry.. this site has gotten a little immature sense last year.

I do like the fact people laugh off the "ride mopeds and your a fag/homo/gay guy" but seriously just joking about it by brining it up every other sentence is different.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Bry, stay around, just change your name on here to a not real name! I enjoy what you offer to the community!

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Hey, what happened to the "It's Raining Men" music. What a "classic". Moped are Gay? I don't know of any Gay moped riders, I thought I was the only one.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Jon has a good point, you dont have to use your name. I understand the concern, but you shouldnt have to hide that much. Just because carnage goes on on any site or in any insitution that I belong to dosent mean I can effectivel dissasociate myself from it.

Coming from a dissenting cathiolic upbringing...

I mean , hell I never say any of that crazy crap happen , but lots of people assume that just due to my religious upbringing I was busy getting passed around from priest to priest.

Every organization, from the Hells Angels to Amnesty International has shit bags with wierd baggage. Gotta make a stand somewhere.

And honestly bry - your verbally convincing enought to talk sense to anyone about why you would associate yourself with a moped forum. I cannot think of anyone more articulate that could explain more clearly that you gotta take the good with the ugly.

That and Id really not like to lose a poster with your level of exprerience and levity.......................

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

hell I never say any of that crazy crap happened to me

Sorry for the Grammer and errors, i spilled some maple syrup in this keyboard and its not been the same since.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

are you sure it was maple syrup? if thats a legitimate excuse, than i've been spilling maple syrup on my keyboard for years.

and half of my mopeds.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Yeah, honestly , anything else i could get the frig off!

Its an old sony keyboard from an old computer, but its tired and , alas, full of maple syrup from when i tried to eat pancakes over it, and on top of that, a good 4 years of me banging on it.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

ha. you know you could get a keyboard for a couple bucks at the local thrift store right? whatevs, i eat overmy computer all the time. in fact, i'm about to get some chicken nuggets. those will most definitely be eaten over the keyboard.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Edward Richardson /

Feed the Fornits

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Leon Swarmer /

3 Wichita KS police officers have been on suspension, for months now because of allegations that a neighbor of one of them heard them using racial slurs and sexual innuendos.

OFF Duty, out of uniform at a private home. Their careers may be ended. without a right to trail, on heresay. Bry is right, We do need to be careful what we post and how we respond.

Big Brother is watching.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

fuck big brother. if you want to live in fear, go right ahead.

fuck shit cock ass, douchey douchey piss ram.

thats is my official statement.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Big Brother might be watching you dude, buy he's sure getting mighty bored and sleepy watching me.

its the Canadian Mounted Police that keep me up at night LOL

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

John Joedicke /

Shouldn't that be "The Royal Canadian Mounted Posse". lol

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

I was in the shower when i was 9 was Big Brother watching me than?!?!?!?!

i think big brother is a pedaphile

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