I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

I just don't think he said what he really wanted to without losing it.

I've been here several years - longer than some, not as long as others. In that time, I've definitely seen some changes and they're not really for the better in my opinion. If you get off on insulting others or seeing others get insulted, then you probably love the way things currently are.

Jerry started off his thread OK in his usual questioning manner and some people came back with the now-usual insults and dumb comments. His first post in that thread was not inflammatory in any way - it was just a question and it is true in a sense.

I remember when I came to this site several years ago and someone would make an anti-gay comment. They would immediately get rebuffed by someone saying that it wasn't cool. I remember thinking what a cool and accepting site this was and I really liked it. It was mature and it was informative. There was a lot of camaraderie among members and non-members. The sexuality of someone wasn't an issue and the site focused on mopeds. Members didn't come on and complain about how _lame_ the GD forum is. Members didn't complain about how they pay for the site and we get to use it for free. (Talk to Simon about that, don't yell at us freeloaders for taking something that is given to us.) People didn't shoot down newbies for asking dumb questions. People weren't always on the attack.

Somewhere along the line, things have changed. I realize that things change but I just don't see this one being for the better for the moped community. Now, almost any slightly off-kilter question is met with some sort of dumb comment or a non relevant You Tube clip.

Now, usually before just about any rally, there's all sorts of talk about how so-and-so is going to cuddle with so-and-so and the usual sexual talk. YAWN. What's next - a note that says, "Will you go with me? Circle Yes or No." Jerry's observation isn't that far off. Why is this site so fixated on gay sexual talk? It's a moped site. I have nothing against gays but the talk does get tiresome and many times crosses the line of acceptable conversation. Is there a lot of "heterosexual" talk like that here? Not that I can see but that might have something to do with the fact that there are hardly any women here. Who knows. We've had talk of sweatpants boners, chants of "suck his dick", I got ruphied by the bropeds and my butt hurts, hey, that kid said he was 19. We've also had pictures of feces in a toilet, we've had pictures of topless women, we've had pictures of genitals, etcetera.

I really like this site. The information is great. Most of the people are great. But, you have to admit, we're going through some changes right now. I'm currently back in school getting my degree in Educational Administration. You think when I go looking for a job that I can be associated with this site anymore? Hell no. Would you let your 12 year old kid that wants to fix up that moped he found in a barn on this site? It's sad that it's come to that.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

No one has replied yet? Why? This isn't a troll post, Bryan is just voicing a well-spoken opinion.

So, if I'm going to be among the first to dive in, let me first say that the "bears and cubs" post in reply to Jerry's strange questions about Moped Army was just about the greatest response to a question of that sort that I've ever seen. I don't want to look at that thread again, so I'll just say a quick "Props" to whoever posted it.

Bryan, have you looked at the internet lately? When it was first coined, the "internet" was supposed to be a word that encompassed email, usenet, BBSs, and the world wide web. Now, all of those things are pretty much the same thing, and they're all filled with porn.

Some of it's harder to identify than the "you know it when you see it" kind of porn - it's like porn of the mind (and I'd like to ask you to never quote me on that).

The illusion of anonymity makes people say some really weird, stupid, offensive things. If I had a twelve year old child now, I wouldn't _want_ to let them use the computer at all. Using a computer to make a living, though, makes me know that it is a necessary skill, and one that is only gained through taking psychological risks.

So, I re-read this, and find that I haven't been able to gather my thoughts together as well as you did before posting. Let's try a summary:

A group of people get a watermelon, and they cut it up into slices. Some people eat their watermelon, and spit out the seeds. Some people eat the seeds too (weirdos...). Some people complain about all the seeds, and other people just end up saying "Fuck this watermelon!" One guy suggests that they do just that.

Welcome to the age of the internet, where people share. Too much, sometimes.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

you guys know tl;dr?

yeah, because:


Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Moped Game Sally Struthers /

i drank some cranberry juice, woke up and my butt was bleeding...

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

nathan: LULZ.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Hmm. I agree with many of your points Bry. Your always a level headed , observant guy. I think its important to keep in mind though that the general forum is what it is, and that most of the info and exchange of knowlege goes on in the repair forum and the performance tuning boards.

I especially agree with the comment about a lack of hetero comments, but I believe that becuase most of them could be taken seriously when most of the gay talk is just joking chatter.

There is a higher level of talk about gay this and gay that lately , but the cause of this is where we will probably diverge in opinion.

All the gay talk , I think, has always been here - I think its a result of younger kids and others who listen to shouts of "your a homo" on thier mopeds all day, and , for good or bad it's been a part of male culture, not just moped culture for years. I rarely ride for over an hour and go without hearing the word FAG or homo at least once. I can see why the subject comes up for moped riders. People have been calling people "gay' and "fag" forever as an insult for years, but man, they sure do do it more when your on a moped. Part of just accepting it is part of riding or you will never get anywhere.

I agree it gets awful boring to read over and over, but im not so sure you can insulate a 12 year old from it. My childhood friends and associates had 34 or more variations of calling someone gay and man they used em with a vengence on anyone they could hurl em at. And Al Gore had not invented the internet yet.

It probably goes back 6000 years or more. I'm not saying its great or bad, but Its just always been there. Im sure most of us can see why its such a powerful insult - it provokes instant defence and reaction, probably always has. For many, joking about being gay takes the barb out of the insult.

Also , I think some people just find it funny, and maybe as people mature and have different priorities, it becomes less and less funny. I wonder if its just a component of general forum dynamics then real life. I havent been to a rally, but I know many of the KHZ guys and have ridden with them and they dont appear to be obsessed with any of that talk. Rather nice. Mostly they just ride and talk about points and carb jets.

Lastly, to get to my point in which we will probably disagree:

I don't believe for the most part that people do things without a reason.

I don't believe that Jerry posted that question as a inquiry to get an answer to his confusion. I think it's a deliberate attempt to stir up shit and prove his point. He already knows that the gig is up on Moped army with him being a big alpha male here, and that everyone has figured out he for the most part isn't real, and that he wont be able to regain the status of the Jerry of last year, who many people respected and listened to for the most part. So, rather then politely exit or just enjoy the forum, he is deliberately doing what everybody else seems to do when the go down in flames here - He is posting and replying to many threads with a deliberate attempt to fan the flames and bring the worst out in everyone and to fufill his self filled propecy , which is :

_'Moped army posters on the general forum are preoccupied with gay talk"_

Well they werent half as preoccupied about it a month ago until somone intentionally went and rang the town bell like the hunchback. In some ways, perhaps it fufills some need for him to be able to leave when everybody calls him gay and responds with gay remarks. Then he's proven himself right.

But at the end of the day, i dont believe for one single second that Jerry posted that because he wanted to know an answer to a sociologic question about gay moped riders.

He did it simply and purely to go down in flames.

No pun intended. And now the gf is riddled with gay remarks. He got exactly what he wanted.

Just my 45 cents.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

at least 6,000 years.....

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

_Well they werent half as preoccupied about it a month ago until somone intentionally went and rang the town bell like the hunchback_

well said, lol.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

I don't really want this to be about the whole gay thing. It's more than that. I _do_ know that several years ago if someone called someone else a fag, someone usually responded by saying that that was against forum rules. It happens almost daily now. It's not just the gay stuff, it's the total lack of the decorum that used to exist here.

I will agree, the bear-cub comment was the funniest thing I have read in a long while and about the only thing worth reading on that thread. It was especially funny after seeing Kathy Griffin and The Woz talk about it on her show.

Yeah, Jerry went off. Look at his first post again though. Totally legit question. When did this change occur and why only on this forum? The overtones are way different than I described above. I remember chatting with Dean once in the old IRC chat and we talked about that one night. Wondered why so many moped riders were gay. He said mopeds were totally gay. Why? What's the connection? Jerry's original question was legit but he lost it and his true intentions came out.

Andrew, when I get together with other moped people, I don't hear talk like what I see here either. Maybe that's what makes it even more annoying. I guess I'm just old.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Yeah im old too.

I believe taken out of context, Jerry's question is fair. But its not an isolated question. Before he made it he dropped the same question in several different threads. It's not a question, its BAIT. ( not bear or cub bail LOL )

He doesnt want to know the answer, and several people - Linda comes to mind, have explained "moped culture" and other stuff to im before. These are not real questions , they are an attempt at provoking exaclty the kinda of infantile comments you refer to Bry.

He is not posting to learn anything, and quite frankly probably thinks he knows everything anyway. He is just trying to be as irritating as possible without mentioning tomos oil injection.

I also think that the demographic here has changed as even 3 years ago mopeds were for 27 year old hipsters and 38 year old people facinated with wierd things and now tons and tons of really young kids - as in under 16, are getting into the scene. A few are really cool, but most of them are the souce of much of the bullshit.

Whatcha gonna do, as bobby once said "the times they are a changin"

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

if it makes you feel any better mopedarmy.com is in the top 99th percentile when it comes to maturity. i dont know if you ever go anywhere else or check out other messageboards at all but...... wow. the lack of porn, swearing, racism and gore here is impressive, honestly. Its a brand new world. the majority of people in the US are connected via a screen and a keyboard.

mopedarmy's ranks have swelled as well, members and general population. there are 20 gangs with 500 members right now... Expect things to continue to change. probably get worse for a while.

that said i can take personal responsibility for the things you were talking about, i have acted very "psuedo gay" and have started "e-fights". Im sorry if those are things that you think are ruining this board but im certainly not the only one doing them. The fact that the board acts like that means there are a lot of people who find this kind of behavior entertaining. maybe even the majority. moped army is 14 years old now man, thats like acting out troubled teenager years.

that all said i LOVE the way this board has turned out since i got here. i wanted to stab myself in the eye half the timne reading gen forum when i first came here. i couldnt believe how incredibly liberal/hippy/offended/huggy everyone was. yeah thats good in some situations but you are kidding yourself if you think thats the real world. Tell me whats wrong with this picture.

Gen forum = full of LULZ, fights, pictures, rally talk, pics of bikes. its general discussion....

moped repair = exactly the same as it used to be but now people actually go there! lots of threads, lots of answers, lots of population.

performance tuning = yeah theres a lot of dumb posts but holy shit america is stepping it up. do u read any of the crazy stuff going on right now? try finding those kinds of posts or the tuning spreadsheet 4 years ago.....

the point im trying to make is dont let one or two social changes ruin the whole site for you! the site has EVOLVED, is growing up. and is 20 times the messageboard that all the other sites out there are. ignore the shit you dont like and enjoy the things you do.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

it is imperative for your well being that you guys stop taking the internet so serious

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Gunther McCilicutty /

Being new to the site I have experienced the maturity level...I can't talk because even I have responded to some off color comments with the same medicine and regretted it.

I am a member of alot of diffrerent forums for boating, woodworking, ect, and find the maturity level is much higher and less cruel backlashes to uninformed questions. There is a different demographic of people in these MA forums...here we have young hipsters that are immersed in the culture of mopeds and that is the way it is. Boaters are not mopeders, therfor you get different personalities and responses to questions.

Here it seems there is a younger crowd of 20 somethings that have different lifestyles not what the elders are used to. I am 29 and have a college degree, great career, have alot of real world experience, and like a good joke with profanity now and then. ....in the outside world talk like what is found in this forum is excepted in some circles and not in others. When people get older things change.

I have found a great deal of good info in this forum without being pissed at the stupid comments that kids make...just weed your way through them to get your question answered.

In a nutshell, I like this forum...I like that fact that we can joke with each other. I don't give a rats ass if you wear makeup, girl pants, fanny packs, or get off at the sight of exspansion chambers...everyone has their own way to communicate and it is your own fault if you take offense to anything someone says that may seem off color.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

I have to agree with Brendan and not to come off sounding like a douche but things change and if you/jerry/anyone doesn't like it you should just stop coming here. Posts talking about how bad things are aren't any more moped related that feces in a toilet - and spending all that time complaining makes you look like a complainer that doesn't have enough smarts to stop doing something that's obviously not working for them anymore.

I'm just sayin

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

very well put gunther, also there is a forum tailor made for older grumpy dudes who want to talk only about moped; its called the MRA, check it out.

another thing is i know some people have a problem with the concept of the "VIP" members only forum, well most of the people on that forum are in branches that go to rallies a lot and know each other in person, which means guess what; all that talk about "i can't wait to see so and so" or "cuddle puddle, yay!" or "brodeo can shotgun a beer in 1.5 seconds" that of course have nothing to do with mopeds is on that secret forum.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Gunther McCilicutty /

I like this forum more than the boat and woodworking forum...they are very dry and no personality. I would rather talk to a young forum than a bunch of old foagies.

this forum is a living breathing entity. I plan to stay and join in on the fun.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .


Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Gunther McCilicutty /

LAME site...just checked it out.

MA is much more sweet

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

I didn't read any of the other responses yet, because I want to post my opinion, untainted by what anyone else had to say. Sorry if some of this has already been posted. Also, I'm posting this as MY opinion only.

This have changed, and not just on this website. When I started riding, it was a pain in the ass to find a moped, but when you did, they were cheaper, and they were so much more exciting. It was that needle in a haystack feeling, and you really felt something magical about it. All of your friends would come over, and work on it, even if none of you really knew what was going on. It was great.

And now, we have new kids that totally skip all those steps. They go straight for a new tomos, or a suped up bike that they buy from some local wrencher, or they get something for way too much fucking money that runs for a couple weeks and then they bring it to a shop to have it taken care of. It's a new game, and us kids in every major city are being surrounded and, in many cases, out numbered by these kids that didn't learn to love mopeds the same way we did. And it's not to say that they don't have the potential to be as in love with these goofy things as we are, it's that they went about it the "easy way" and that, therefore, they have less invested in it. And that's why we see kids every week who's bike breaks down and they don't have the emotional attachment, and there it is back on craigslist. It's disheartening.

So we're surrounded by these kids, and I fully admit that they might be good kids, and some of them seem like they might grow to be good friends, but right now, they're just a glob of rando's on new tomos, $900 stock maxi's, and plastic scooters (I have no idea where those dudes came from) who just don't get it like we get it, and who out number us on OUR ride night. Added to that, they're new, so, understandably, they can't ride for shit. I've been in packs of hundreds, after parties where there was obviously drinking going on, and I've never been as scared riding as with a dozen newbs a while back.

So, that's what has been going on lately, with people in every major city in the country. And us "old timers" get kind of perturbed and annoyed and don't know how to handle this influx of kids. We all at one time wished the world was on mopeds, and now we wish that everyone would go away. We get catty over stupid shit like mopeds in Vanity Fair, because we can't seem to stop the swell of newbs in real life, and we feel like our friends shouldn't promote mopeds, but really, Vanity Fair isn't the reason I've got five kids on LXs with biturbos passing me and cutting me off at high speeds.

So, if newbs or gen-forum people feel deflected, it's most likely because of reasons like this, where we don't know how to control what's going on around us in real life, and so we get bitchy over the internet. The truth is, a lot of times, we don't want to help newbs. Fuck 'em. Figure it out yourself.

And as for the Jerry thing, that guy's been an asshole for years. I've been around here for 3 (I know, not the longest by far) and he's been annoying the shit out of people at least that long. So, obviously, there's gonna be a "fuck jerry" tone no matter what happens.

I don't know what to say about people "noticing a gay thing" or whatever. I know that when I was in junior high, when people called me gay, thinking it was a clever put down, I learned the best way to shut them up was by turning it around so that I was admitting being gay, in a funny way. Like some asshole calling me a fag, and responding something like, "I told you last night, when I was fucking you from behind and your dad was video taping, I prefer queer." It's a way of turning the tide, without denying the original statement, for we all know if you deny the gayness, then there will be more, "whatever, faggot" type comments back. If you accept the gayness, it usually shuts stupid people up.

And I'm sure it was something like that which started whatever "fake gay" talk that exists on this site. And then it, like 90% of everything that happens, got turned into an inside joke, and blown up, and people emulated it, and here we are. But there is no "fake gay" conspiracy, there is no "moped culture" where people act gay, people like Jerry are just reading shit on the internet, and for some reason assuming that people act that exact way in real life. And people like Jerry refuse to meet us in real life, so he'll never know, and he'll instead just sit around on this site bitching like a fucking asshole.

So, there's my two cents. All haters can feel free to remember that I'm speaking only as to my opinion, not for my gang, or the MA as a whole.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

If you ask me, the General Forum is the best part of this site. I'm always watching the Buy/Sell, contributing to the Repair forum and learning lots from Performance, but all the stupidity of the Gen Forum is what keeps me coming back, it's what keeps this place entertaining. It's why I haven't logged in to MRA in a month and yet I'm browsing this site from my phone constantly throughout my day.

I've been on some nasty boards, this ain't a bad place at all. It's just not a place where older gentlemen feel comfortable, mostly because of the way younger people embrace irony; whether it's through sarcastic remarks or non-sequitur youtube responses.

And Bry, I don't get why you can't be "associated" with this site just because you want to get into Ed. Admin. I'm a pastor at a church and I work primarily with kids, and it's true I wouldn't advise them to use this site, but I wouldn't invite them over to my house to watch movies with my friends either. I'm not trying to talk down to you, I think that setting boundaries and personal disciplines are great, but part of those boundaries should be keeping your work and your life separate, and making it clear to the kids you are not their peer. Kids who want to do everything you do won't just be a problem if they see you having a beer or smoking a cigarette, even if you're the most straightlaced teetotaler on the planet those kids who want to be on a buddy level with you will still try to overstep their bounds by ratting on other kids or thinking they deserve special treatment.

Keep your work professional, and don't drive drunk or buy pot or anything that could publicly shame the institution you're associated with. But any job that would prohibit you (or pander to parents who want to prohibit you) from engaging in conversation with a group of people they dislike is probably a shitty job anyway.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

have you ever read another "general" forum? we have much less NSFW stuff and gay jokes.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Gunther McCilicutty /

as a general rule of life- If you are offended by something another human says or does, you DO have a choice of what to do.

-change the channel

-don't subscribe

-disagree respectfully

-move to a 3rd world country

...or here in the MA, use your mouse, go to the top right of the page...see the "X"?...left click on that...problem solved....go back to being sheltered and see how that works out for ya.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Agreed. Grow your own.


Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Brendan, I appreciate you putting up a YouTube clip that actually pertained to the discussion. Lotsa LULZ's's's's's' there. Seriously, I laughed.

It's been amusing to read the comments here. I especially like the ones that suggest that I leave. These remind me of the Bush supporters saying, "America, love it or leave it." Maybe you missed the part in my first post when I said that I liked this site. Nothing like criticizing criticism.

Oh, and Quatto, obviously you've never worked at a school district in Kansas! People have gotten fired for less. I see where you're coming from though. I certainly will attempt to keep my professional and private life separate but you know how many people have trouble with leaving that line alone in the general public.

Zachary, appreciate the response. I'm not worried about the whole "fake gay" thing. Never was an issue with me. Interesting comments about the people that now just buy their way in to the hobby.

Again, I like this site still and mostly ignore the things I don't. Just pointing out that changes have occurred here. In my opinion, some good, some not so good. I don't think anyone that's been around here can argue that. Nothing in my first post was inflammatory or untrue, so as far as telling me to leave, stop trying to stand on a soap box taller than mine right now. One is certainly free to reflect on the forums.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

This is a good discussion. Everyone else has already made a lot of good points, but I’m sure I can still think of something to add… I promise to keep this under 1000 words. :)

I’ve only been on this forum for about a year. That’s certainly not as long as some of you, but at least I’ve lasted more than one or two months. In the time I’ve been here, I can’t say that I’ve really noticed too many changes, although that’s probably because I was too confused by all the moped vocabulary for the first 4+ months to be able to have a solid basis for comparison.

Gayness and the ages

I think the gay argument is more of a generational gap than anything else. Yes, obviously some of it boils down to maturity (or the lack thereof), but I blame it more on different expectations in different age groups. I’ve got 15 new best friends for the next 4.5 months, three of whom are gay. In the 22 days I’ve know them, being gay has come up A LOT… like pretty much every day we’re together. And no, we aren’t sitting around having philosophical conversations about homosexuality. There are raunchy gay jokes, raunchy heterosexual jokes, good-natured fun poking, and a lot of laughs and camaraderie. It’s both a part of _what we talk about_ and a part of the _way we talk._ Given the way many people on this board post, I get the impression that this is not an isolated phenomenon.

I agree that too many times, people respond with dumb commentary like "you’re gay" or "suck my dick" rather than providing useful information, a legitimate argument, or hell, even a legitimate insult. (Come on people, if you want to insult someone, at least be more creative about it than "that’s gay.") Anymore, though, I just ignore those posts. They’re a dime-a-dozen, and they’re no longer funny or interesting. They serve to succinctly document someone’s viewpoint on a subject and nothing more. However, they’re not something to get your panties in a wad about. They’re not intended to be a rude or derogatory commentary on gay people. That’s simply how many of us young’uns talk to each other, and we’re posting like we talk. If you don’t like that or It makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry, but if it seems strange to you that your grandparents get all flustered when they hear the words "fart" or "sex," then perhaps you have some basis for understanding how different generations have different "acceptable" ways of expressing themselves.

Gayness and mopeds

A moped is as gay as the rider wants it to be. I thought Saabsonnetguy summed up the world’s viewpoint on mopeds and gayness well: "In the eyes of the mainstream you ride a sissy girly bike, thus you must be lacking in the masculinity department." I’ve never been called "gay," "fag," or "homo" when I’m on my moped, but I think that’s because I’m a girl. BY DEFINITION I’m lacking in the masculinity department; riding a "sissy girl’s bike" is par for the course.

So why do some moped riders embrace the perception of the masses? I can’t say. I don’t think my mopeds are particularly gay, but I can certainly see why the uneducated masses think so. Perhaps they embrace the perception because they think it’s funny, or because that’s their way of reveling in the delicious irony that something so cool is considered so silly by the general population. If you want real answers, you’ll have to wait for someone who thinks their moped is gay to respond.

On the forums

Bryan makes an excellent point about members complaining about how lame the general forum is. Guys, really, it’s getting old. I’m happy for all of you that you’ve found a bunch of totally awesome moped friends to hang around with, and it’s great that you’ve been accepted into the realms of membership. So you have your own private forums? That’s cool too. I’m sure that must be nice to have a choice not to deal with all of us riff-raff and noobs who clutter up the general forum. However, could you please keep your good fortune and gaiety to yourselves? I like the general forum, trolls, riff-raff, noobs, homosexuality, and all. Hearing you put it down all the time is pissing me off, especially when you’re constantly comparing it to your incredible and uncontaminated members-only forums.

Lastly, Bryan, I hope that you don’t mean to imply that you’ll be leaving the forums as soon as you start looking for a job. Any employer should know that you are responsible for your words and your words alone – NOT for the graphic, sexual, profane, or derogatory comments that those around you leave. Since your posts have always been helpful, logical, and free of graphic content, I think the only thing you have to worry about is an employer wondering about your sanity after they see those pictures of how many mopeds you had in your garage. :)

As a general note to everyone: be the change you wish to see in the world. Don’t like gay jokes and sexual comments? Don’t participate, don’t respond. I realize I’m preaching to the choir, but perhaps setting a different example will do some good.

Y’all got lucky. That’s only like, 856 words.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

bry, i think you need to come to a rally and get your cuddle on. all will be clear after..

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Hey now,

What is so gay about a sweatpants boners anyway?

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

i didnt take the time to read every post on this thread but i do feel that it has gotten harder to get a technical question answered without a youtube video response, flaming, or sometimes just irrelevant comments.

BUT thats how these things work on the internet. get a whole bunch of guys along with anonymity and it turns into a pissing contest.

there are some people on this board who spend more time flaming or posting irrelevant comments than talking about moped stuff or even riding their own mopeds. i can post a technical question up and have to bump it 3 times before only the people i personally know hop in to help me. BUT threads about tight girl jeans take up all night for me to read and last close to a week.

alot of the guys that have been around doing their thing and giving to the community left mostly becuase this is what the website has turned into.

i remember when fred made a comment a week ago saying OLD FRED IS BACK or something

jerry after being pretty much ignored posted twice basically saying this board is just this now and full of kids all the good guys are gone (i may not have worded this right and im sorry if i didnt) but come on dude. yes youre right its just not the same as it was before but if its SUCKS that bad...why are you still here?

in a world of myspace, facebook, forums, and youtube, lets try not to forget to get some fresh air. go see your friends instead of emailing them. go ride a moped instead of spending all your time talking about them online.

Re: I don't think Jerry was that far off . . .

Sweatpants boners are not gay are TOTALLY NORMAL. Feel free to experiment as you see fit.

Dean, I would expect no less of a response from you. lol

Joe, I didn't say that it sucks. For the last time, I still like it here but these are my pet peeves. Why is everyone getting so pissed off at me? Most people don't like everything about their partner but they don't dump them just because of one thing. It's a love/hate thing.

Linda, for once I outworded you on a post!

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