Title/Bill of Sale in WI

I bought a moped without a title from this guy. I have a bill of sale, but does anyone know how I go about getting a title with just this bill of sale? Can it be done in WI!? Has anyone done it before? The DMV website does not say anything.

Re: Title/Bill of Sale in WI

Don't know about WI.

But here in ohio, all you need is a bill of sale.

Give the DMV a call.

Re: Title/Bill of Sale in WI

good luck there buddy. Your best bet is to "sell" the moped to someone in a state like Ohio where you only need a bill of sale. Then they go to their dmv with a bill of sale from you and get a title. Then they "sell" the moped back to you with a title and you go get a plate for it in wisconsin. That's what I did. Wisconsin dmv is a bitch.

Re: Title/Bill of Sale in WI

Damn! This sucks...but hopefully I can either find the original owner, ride without a title (yikes) or just do some kind of deal with a kind soul from Ohio...thanks for the help.

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