Twin pipes

does anyone know how that technigas twin performance pipe performs? im starting to sketch up a 50/50 puch project fpr the winter and im interested in installing the twin performance pipes on it but only if the form doesnt adversely effect the function you know i mean it would be sick to have dual pipes but id rather go 100mph thanks!

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i have heard there are better pipes.the duel will not help any performance wise, maybe hurt it because of the Y in the tubes restricting air flow. that and being 300 bucks.

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the new technigas pipe is 185...but yeah if it sucks performance-wise it aint for me...what is the best pipe for a 50/50 setup

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something that will scream.. but it will probably give you no low end at all

homoet 6p..


stuff like that

Re: Twin pipes

fuck those puch pipes, modify a French pipe to work on your puch.

A Ninja G2 paired with a high reving 50 kit will scream.

A Doppler ER1's power band will kick you into overdrive.

Re: Twin pipes

The twinner is a show exhaust. It doesn't add any performance.

Go for the Homoet 4p or Simonini if you want high revs.

The modified Peugeot pipes might work like a charm as well.

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Cleats Onionpockets /

Techno Boss isnt' bad either, great midrange and not terribly expensive

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if you put a french pipe on, your puch will hate you for the rest of its life and have all sort of identity and self image issues. Go with a nice Italian pipe, everybody likes italians.


Re: Twin pipes

The twin pipe is an awesome thing. It's just made wrong. The exhaust is subject to sound. My experimenting and watching and learning results says it is a superior exhaust system in the right form and build. One side should be short for a high pitch sound for the high end and the other should be long for a low pitch sound for the low end power. We have a working twin pipe on a 2007 ST A55. It is made of 2 stock pipes with the catalytic converter. The header is from a biturbo 2 inches long and split into a Y. The left side is turned upside down and is about 9 inches to the beginning of the cone and the right side is about 18 inches long before the beginning of the cone. This thing screams. The low end is equal to or faster than it was with the stock gears and the mid just turns on letting the engine scream into the 10,000 plus rpm into a high end 48 mph plus of the flat. This is a stock engine, stock carb with 26 t front and 22t rear sprockets. This is a surprising killer set up. The main jet is #58 an using the stock air box. Some how TOMOS did their engineering right on the air box and this proves it can flow. The bike is as quiet as a stock bike and will leave anyone in the dust off the line.

Re: Twin pipes

post pics? i would love to see this

Re: Twin pipes

yeah dude, that sounds dope.

almost dope enough for me to buy a tomos to mod for that....

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