so my puch has a measurement for regular motor oil (ithink) on it's little measureing cup. is this a good idea? i kinda like the idea of making a lot of crazy smoke everywhere. is there any high smoke two stroke oil? there all low smoke, what if you like smoke? any ideas? smoke that is not a sign of something being destroyed? hmmmm?

Re: oil/2stroke/smoke

mikey likes it /

the measuring cup is for anti-freeze

Re: oil/2stroke/smoke

I say light your shoes on fire, then you can ride with flames. stomp them out and your smokeing. or buy some of the five minute smoke bombs and tie one or to on ....Blue smoke then orange purple red..... why reck the bike with to much or bad oil........

Re: oil/2stroke/smoke

💀Kim Jong illest💀 /

well, back in my punker days i did this to my car.

run the hose from your windshield washer pump to a small hole drilled into your exhaust

fill your windshield washer fluid resevoir with oil from your last oil change.

VIOLA! push botton smoke screen. i used to circle steak and shake late night while holding the button down until i couldnt see where i was going

maybe you can rig up a similar device to you moped.

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