reupolstering a magnum seat

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how would one go about this? i want to use the same type of material, but a different color. i haven't taken the seat off, but it seems like the body is plastic. i couldn't quite tell how the vinyl is held on there now. could i just go over what is there now?

Re: reupolstering a magnum seat

me and my friend just spray painted his vinyl seat. it doesnt peel or rub off after you let it dry. its just a little sticky, so i would suggest doing that, or vinyl pain would work as well.

Re: reupolstering a magnum seat

You're gonna be hard-up for the same type of material, but you can go to an upholstery shop and get something very similar, then take the old vinyl off and cut out and sow up the new stuff into the exact shape, using the old stuff as a template, then stretch that shit over the pad and seat pan and use shoe-goo or something similar to glue it, clamp it and let the glue dry, then presto, new seat!

This is me holding the seat I did for my baby

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