Tomos - Worth $50?

Hello, do you think this nonrunner is worth $50?

looks like rust and electrical are the biggest issues but its hard to tell. I dont know anymore about it.

Oh, can anybody ID it?


Re: Tomos - Worth $50?

hell yeah its worth 50 bucks

Re: Tomos - Worth $50?


Re: Tomos - Worth $50?

that looks like a fixable bike to me, and it's actually pretty low on the Tomos ugly scale.

Re: Tomos - Worth $50?

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

buy it, throw an A35 engine on it, love it.

Re: Tomos - Worth $50?

Tomos bullet, worth $50 any day of the week.

Re: Tomos - Worth $50?

Gunther McCilicutty /

the wheels alone are worth 50 bucks. usually(in my exsperience) selling bikes parted out can get you more $$ than if you sell the whole.

I'll give you $55 bucks for it

Re: Tomos - Worth $50?

I'd pay $100 for that bike if I stumbled across it. Tomos mopeds are the BEST!

Re: Tomos - Worth $50?

You had to ask. Yes it is. silly

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