need for (more) speed

Well, I won't make any major changes/repairs until after winter (around March), but I'm wondering how I can get more speed out of my '77 Bianchi Snark.

Right now, I have a 55 jet, so I'll go down a bit to a 52 (unless there are objections?). I have a 14.12 Dellorto carburator, but some people think I need a larger airbox. How can I tell what size my airbox is to know if I can/should order a bigger one. And would that help?

I know a Biturbo would help me some, too. But is there anything else that would speed me up? Maybe greasing the chain some more? What about sprokets?

I'm currently hitting about 30-32 max on a flat surface after the engine is nice and warm (and w/ no ice/snow on the roads). My average max cruising speed is about 28mph. I'd like to get just over 35mph (which would bury the needle on my speedometer) before the big Memorial Day race.

So ... any advice on speed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: need for (more) speed

If you have plenty of low end power, why not go with next size larger gear on front, or smaller one on back, whatever you can find.A good synthetic oil like AMSOIL will make it run better also. Mabe think about a K+N Air filter, but watch to make sure it dont burn a piston....The leaner...the faster...when it is running real good...look out for meltdown....Doug D.

How does this race go?

Do you just see who gets the highest top speed?

Or the quickest over a 200 yard standing start?

Or around a course?


Do you have to ride it to the 'event'?

What is the top prize?

I know...... "The Golden Pedal".... a plated ped pedal welded to a base!

Re: How does this race go?

Reeperette /

Actually, If y'all can..umm.."find" me some road cones, or at least somethin equivalent, I can show you guys some games that'd be worth playin, time slalom, box-in, box-out, side-hops, you name it....stopwatch would be good too, for matching trial times.

Jumping offa skateboard ramps been done too, but considering the age and condition of some of the 'peds among us, not to mention the limited experience of some riders, I don't think it's a good idea this time around.


Re: How does this race go?

Simon or someone else can explain the race better, but it's basically a rally race. There are two points in town that have to be reached (in any order and via any route) before returning to the starting point. The winner and 2nd place gets a trophy. There's photos in the photo/news archives, if you want to check out some of the action.

So ... basically ... the race is a combination of speed, strategy (which route is best?), and daring-do (how well we negotiate traffic and "real-life" obstacles).

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