A35 Airsal biturbo jet?

I have an A35 Tomos Lx with a biturbo and a 65cc Airsal. Everything else engine-wise is stock. What jet should I be running in the stock D'Ellorto. Right now I have a 66 in there. I've been doing plug chops but they all come out about the same. Anyone have the same setup for comparison. I know high is better than low but I would also like to not foul out plugs all the time.

Re: A35 Airsal biturbo jet?

John Joedicke /

Where you are I would run no larger than 62 with your setup and open up the air filter restriction.

Re: A35 Airsal biturbo jet?

Any other opinions. I had 62 in there and I think it may have started to soft seize once.

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