My commuter and 125s

They look so pretty together :)

Both need a cleanup and some cosmetic work though... Eh, rode the commuter to work today.

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Re: My commuter and 125s

Honda 125S; one of the best motorcycles ever made.

On another note, your photo is so large one cannot see the whole thing and it looses perspective.

Re: My commuter and 125s

Yea I just realized that it didnt get resized... Some browsers automatically resize, but even so, my bad about the size :(

Re: My commuter and 125s

A vertical, single-cylinder Honda CB! I knew they made one!

I could never find out what this bike was called, and yours is very nice.

The slightly-bigger Honda CB175s are great, but having two cylinders makes them seem too complicated for such small bikes.

A good example of weird, multi-cylinder complexity is the Honda CB350 - they made, what, a two-cylinder two stroke, a two-cylinder four stroke, and a four-cylinder four stroke all with the same displacement?

C'mon Honda, now you're just f$&%ing with us!

The four-stroke four-cylinder version was supposed to be very well balanced, but I still think it's overly complicated. One cylinder bikes are awesome [if you can't find a Puch split-single, of course].

Re: My commuter and 125s

i saw a guy riding a green early 70's CB125S yesterday and got like 239 boners...i caught up to him on my MB5...we just nodded and smiled at each other and went our seperate ways....aww....

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