boston: about our rides

just a suggestion

mainly, i think we should make a lot more of an effort to ride two by two - at least when we're in town/on busy streets. aside from the fact that its actually illegal to block up an entire road when we dont need to, its way safer to go two by two, and allowing cars to pass on the left, rather than taking up all three lanes of comm ave in one big bunch will reduce road rage, make it like a million times less likely that we will continue to get pulled over, and also make us look less like jerks, which is what most drivers probably presume we are to begin with. same goes for, like, basically coming up from behind cars at red lights, and basically surrounding them with mopeds on all sides. i know it seems like second nature to us, but im sure it totally freaks out a lot of drivers and, quite frankly, boston drivers are more than bad enough without any extra nudging.

sooner rather than later, someones going to get hit by a car thats been trying to pass us for blocks and blocks. and, as if thats not bad enough, i cant imagine what kind of chain reaction thatll set off if someone then goes down in the middle of a huge amorphous mass of speeding mopeds.

i dont mean to sound like a 'get off my lawn' type of old man. i dont believe strongly in many things, but im a big proponent of traffic laws. if drivers generally know what to expect of us they will be able to deal with us more easily and predictably, and everyone will just be a lot safer all around.

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for the record, i made jay my somewhat unwilling buddy in a trial run of this two-by-two system and it worked great.

i felt much safer, we took up less road, and quite frankly if i were stopped at a red light and became swarmed with two-wheeled vehicles with which i weren't familiar (like golf carts or something) i would probably be having heart palpitations, not as if don't already, but you know.

also anything that might reduce road rage, i'm game, because i'm often near the rear and if someone's going to get biffed off their bike by an angry motorist it will probably be me. plus my bike looks like a clown, which incites rage.

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Smart Man, SMart post, Great Idea.

If you not from boston and you think its stupid come rider here first.

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

you would shit your pants if you rode out here on the west coast. I haven't even seen much, but blasting through across SF with Elliot in pretty much rush hour traffic was an experience.

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i was just thinking about this too. buddy system! people with similar speed bikes should be put together. then those people be put in different spots in the group, according to speed.

tonight sucked traffic wise also

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we need to piss off more cars. if i had known about the mini cooper earlier i would have completely blocked the road off and tell you guys to do like 15 mph,. that was an old man in a girls car he could suck my left one and still get home to watch the price is right on time

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girls car, i think not.

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that guy was an out of control dick. but, as i have become older and more boringer, i have learned something: generally, it is best to avoid creating confrontations. especially when one half of that confrontation is some horses ass driving a 2000 lb. lethal weapon with an engine in it.

back before i realized how much it totally fucking sucks, i used to occasionally ride with critical mass. this is where i learned that, 1. blocking the road pisses people off like nothing else and 2. people driving cars will actually crash into you on purpose if you make their ride even a few minutes longer than it might otherwise have been.

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also, i would be totally into setting up pairs of riders before hand, and seeing if we can make it work such that will will ride side by side (or single file when thats called for), for the ride. this would also help make it easier not to get lost, as the lead pair would stay in front, etc., etc.

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definitely. have one main leader at the front, one at the back communicating via walkie talkie

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that mini cooper, agreeably hot. the mini cooper housing the irate man, i'm pretty sure it was totally stock. not so hot. didn't even have europlates. come on!

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As I said in my other post that guy was an ass.

There was something about last night, drivers were in a horrible mood (Angels swept the Red Sox and Manny might be traded...Bostonians love them some baseball).

I like the idea of two by two and trying not to pass over the yellow line. The police seem to hate that.

It is a perfect storm of sorts:

1.) Crazy zig zaggin moped riders

2.) Crazy zig zaggin speeding car drivers.

3.) No one knows when the other is going to turn, pass, dart into the other lane and neither signals..

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Not a bad idea at all guys.

But as Zack said....BLASTING out in San Fran with the Creatures is thrilling. It is the the ultimate traffic dodging excercise.

But yeah...having ridden in both cities now......yeah, Boston takes the cake. Drivers are just flat out angry here.

End of STORY.

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man i should of been there im good at pissing off people in cars the more people get pissed off at me the more i ride/drive like an asshole

especially a guy in a mini that would be some fun shit

Re: boston: about our rides

critical mass sucks? its so awkward watching them go down the street but not hear a single buzzz

we should go out of our way to be dicks

swinging ten pound chains in the air

surrounding cars at red lights then slashing tires

stealing babies and women

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