Moped Mart trade newspaper pics

I have started taking photos of my Moped Mart newspaper from June of 1988. I got this in a shop buyout, and just threw it in a corner, not really thinking about what it was.

I didn't really realize what a good resource this thing is, especially with organizing those random moped parts that i've never seen before. It has engine brake downs, part numbers and diagrams. Its great.

I have mainly uploaded the big bore kit section, and a few other random odds and ends. I will be uploading more as I get a chance.

Re: Moped Mart trade newspaper pics

Yes I'd like to place an order for the $20 performance muffler.

Re: Moped Mart trade newspaper pics

yeah, right....

where do i get the garelli monza performance muffler. i want that shit.

Re: Moped Mart trade newspaper pics

just if you are curious the inflation rate from June of '88 to June of 2008 is roughly anything that cost $100 then would be equal to $185 in today's dollars.

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