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Damn good point Simon.

Me, I treat em like some maiden aunt's nasty little pomerainian, they yap, I kick them, they yap, I kick them....the difference is that the dog usually gets the point after a while, and what's that say about morons like this guy ?

I figure it this way, this is our site, our forum, and our turf, and if someone wants to come here and slag off on us, they deserve to have thier head handed to them on a plate in literary fashion, be it profane or not, and for me...I've been VERY civil, especially compared to what happens to folks like this guy in person.

I will throw this note in the faces those who state "ignore them and they'll go away" - and if some are offended, I don't give a fuck, cause that method needs a serious reality check.

This is along the same theory thrown at folks in high school "just walk away" and "it takes two to fight" - Bullshit...allright ? I know some of you guys are around high school age, and you know what I am talking about.

To walk away labels one a coward and a target, to rat them out makes one a tattletale, likely to get flak for doin it and get targeted by everyone, and it most certainly does not take two to fight, not at all....and ignore them to make them go away ? what a fuckin crock.

They used to tell that to women with stalkers, did they not, and what happened ? why, when ignored, most of them upgraded thier harrassment, and online hasslement works the same damn way, but I won't give details cause that'd give weenieboy ideas.

You know what does work ?

Find him and tell his mommy what he's been up to, or, if he's old enough, just kick his ass a little, straight up folks, it's the ONLY language morons like this understand, is a direct threat to their existance, trust me, that's personal experience talkin from one who took that shit only so long, and then took a blade to stop it...and if I hadn't listened to dumb fucks with supposed "advice" that just makes problems worse - it woulda never gotten to the level where blood had to be spilled.

As it stands, you can ignore him, but he will not stop, any more than others of his kind will, you don't believe that, watch an AOL chatroom for a while, and whether ignored or not, the same dumb fucks come back to harrass night after night, don't they ? ergo - there goes your precious fucking theory.

If it wasn't for AOL's lack of cooperation with other ISP's you could have his ass thrown off, but that ain't likely, and cause AOL IPs are dynamic, they are the perfect creep fodder cause of the difficulty of levelling a block or tracing them to an address without help from the service.

Or, and this is one case that would be effective, to yank his posts, and all replies...damned if it would offend me to wipe my stuff as long as his goes with it, and no one would have to see either part of the conversation - now that's different from leavin em there and pretending to ignore them...make his ass dissappear, therefore silencing his pathetic yapping, rather than letting him rant and stroke his own ego by re-reading his own posts over and over again, which is really all he gives a fuck about, whether we reply or not matters not a whit to him.

So either yank his posts, repeatedly, in effect gagging his pathetic ass, or let me slag back at him in humiliating fashion without further comment, but don't hand me a pathetic load of crap we all know full well does not, did not, and will not ever work on this type of dweeb, allright - the only time I 'turn the other cheek' is when I'm moonin somebody.

And if you doubt the reality of the fact that said advice does not work, feel free to visit your local high school or AOL chatroom for about an hour, and try telling me that said advice works.

Nuff said.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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