everyone should ignore voltron

i know it's already been said to ignore him (which is really the best thing to do. no matter how much he says he doesn't care, how much fun will it be to post on his own posts?). but i just had to repost it in its own posting as i see a bunch of real regular postings that aren't getting the attention they normally get. conflict like this is sometimes amusing (especially here at work) to read but it's really not worth any of our time. sorry to those who haven't gotten the attention they should have gotten.


-moped army-


Re: everyone should ignore voltron

Dave, I respect you guys for having this forum and the help you can find in it, but I can`t beleive that the MOPED ARMY members would stoop to this ignort idiots leval and use the launguage that has been displayed. What type of image are ya`ll after? Doug D. in VA.

Re: everyone should ignore voltron

I thought we wever quite civil in response to this "voltron" guy. But, you're right, we should have just ignored him from the get go. I still think he was a jerk, though ...

Re: everyone should ignore voltron

i don't recall any major use of profanity by any moped army members in response to this person. if anything i remember seeing them paraphrase what he said and comment. there's no moped army leader for obvious reasons and i can't speak for anyone else's actions except my own. when i logged onto the forum this morning for the first time since last week i saw a bunch of new postings with 10+ posts per each roughly so i checked them out. with myself being a moped army member i decided to help defend the "ranks" and responded a few times as i do most every time we get a post like this (once every month or two). i'm a bit too lazy to look at my posts right now but i'm sure i didn't curse i think i was just a sarcastic ass. people like this just get annoying that's all. plus this whole army thing is at least for me sort of a gag so i think it's amusing when other "gangs" try to essentially tag our "turf" (well not voltron in this case that kid is just an idiot -due probably to young age {i really hope he's a young person after saying that}).

in any case i'm sorry that the regular workings of the site were disrupted and that the general moped public has to be exposed to this garbage. but i certainly don't think we're going to create a new forum for rivalry. and i thank you for your support.

i think we all need to spend more time riding and less time typing. that might do us all some good. except for those of us holed up at work 10 hours a day with internet access throughout. than typing is fine. :)

unite, swarm, and destroy


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Re: everyone should ignore voltron

Simon King /

On one level there is the Moped Army website, an internet resource for all moped lovers and a central hub for moped activity on the web. The mission is to excite people about mopeds and spread the wonderfulness the the moped is. On the other hand there are the branches of the moped army, and the people within them. Unfortunately sometimes these two don't go hand in hand as well as others.

The Moped Army is not a moped club, but a moped gang. I don't approach this distinction as a joke, as I think that there are two very different midset at work here. One of these is a little bit different style of handling situations. While normally problems can be disfused through ignoring or avoidance, sometimes they can't. Especially on a local level, we often solve our problems in a much more direct manner than most clubs would want to venture to do. We accept challanges and follow through with them -- in a fair but competetive manner. One of the other distinctions is that our name/honor is something that is important to us, and people trash talking us is usually taken pretty seriously.

I personally use profanity to get a point across, and dont' consider this stooping to a lower level then I am normally at - since I use profanity to express my emotions every day. I understand that it's offensive to some, and I'm sorry if I have offended you somehow...All the really bad stuff was coming from Voltron though - he's the one with all the sexual references and what not.

All in all we're fun loving guys, but we do tend to get wound up when a challange is thrown our way - and I think that's a good thing.

Re: everyone should ignore voltron

Reeperette /

Damn good point Simon.

Me, I treat em like some maiden aunt's nasty little pomerainian, they yap, I kick them, they yap, I kick them....the difference is that the dog usually gets the point after a while, and what's that say about morons like this guy ?

I figure it this way, this is our site, our forum, and our turf, and if someone wants to come here and slag off on us, they deserve to have thier head handed to them on a plate in literary fashion, be it profane or not, and for me...I've been VERY civil, especially compared to what happens to folks like this guy in person.

I will throw this note in the faces those who state "ignore them and they'll go away" - and if some are offended, I don't give a fuck, cause that method needs a serious reality check.

This is along the same theory thrown at folks in high school "just walk away" and "it takes two to fight" - Bullshit...allright ? I know some of you guys are around high school age, and you know what I am talking about.

To walk away labels one a coward and a target, to rat them out makes one a tattletale, likely to get flak for doin it and get targeted by everyone, and it most certainly does not take two to fight, not at all....and ignore them to make them go away ? what a fuckin crock.

They used to tell that to women with stalkers, did they not, and what happened ? why, when ignored, most of them upgraded thier harrassment, and online hasslement works the same damn way, but I won't give details cause that'd give weenieboy ideas.

You know what does work ?

Find him and tell his mommy what he's been up to, or, if he's old enough, just kick his ass a little, straight up folks, it's the ONLY language morons like this understand, is a direct threat to their existance, trust me, that's personal experience talkin from one who took that shit only so long, and then took a blade to stop it...and if I hadn't listened to dumb fucks with supposed "advice" that just makes problems worse - it woulda never gotten to the level where blood had to be spilled.

As it stands, you can ignore him, but he will not stop, any more than others of his kind will, you don't believe that, watch an AOL chatroom for a while, and whether ignored or not, the same dumb fucks come back to harrass night after night, don't they ? ergo - there goes your precious fucking theory.

If it wasn't for AOL's lack of cooperation with other ISP's you could have his ass thrown off, but that ain't likely, and cause AOL IPs are dynamic, they are the perfect creep fodder cause of the difficulty of levelling a block or tracing them to an address without help from the service.

Or, and this is one case that would be effective, to yank his posts, and all replies...damned if it would offend me to wipe my stuff as long as his goes with it, and no one would have to see either part of the conversation - now that's different from leavin em there and pretending to ignore them...make his ass dissappear, therefore silencing his pathetic yapping, rather than letting him rant and stroke his own ego by re-reading his own posts over and over again, which is really all he gives a fuck about, whether we reply or not matters not a whit to him.

So either yank his posts, repeatedly, in effect gagging his pathetic ass, or let me slag back at him in humiliating fashion without further comment, but don't hand me a pathetic load of crap we all know full well does not, did not, and will not ever work on this type of dweeb, allright - the only time I 'turn the other cheek' is when I'm moonin somebody.

And if you doubt the reality of the fact that said advice does not work, feel free to visit your local high school or AOL chatroom for about an hour, and try telling me that said advice works.

Nuff said.


Yes... I don't understand why some of these aren't

At least the purely idiotic childish ones with nothing but insult and nonsense.

I'm all for free speech... but the ones with nothing to say should just be deleted.

Otherwise the child who does it is going to think it is acceptable behavior.

It takes a village to raise a child.

...... delete them.



Re: Yes... I don't understand why some of these ar

Simon King /

actually, deleting posts is something i try not to do unless it's a special case. this is an open forum.

Re: everyone should ignore voltron

Doug Davidson /

Thanks Dave for the repy, I have emailed simon and talked to him over the months, I am behind ya`ll 100%, even though I am 50 and disabled and have restored 12 peds that I cant ride, I still love to mess with them. May try to start a chapter here in Roanoke,(redneck) Virginia.....we need to ignor these moped-wannabees :-) they have no life!!

Re: Yes... I don't understand why some of these ar

ya i tried to clarify i was just speaking for myself. i wasn't trying to talk for the whole moped army. due to our different locations there are obvious "cultural" gaps

between the branches. we're not as vigilant as the mi branch probably because for the most part we have it easy here, no one steals/ravages our mopeds and the worst we get is mean looks from ahole drivers. so now that i think about it i think i was wrong to comment on this like i did and i apologize to the decepticons.

as for talking to people online about this sort of thing. typing out threats and what-not seems so stupid and pointless as the whole nature of online is, well i don't know online text. you're not going to hurt him by typing things at him, punch and kick just won't work. so what exactly do you plan to do by responding to his crap? in real life no you cannot just ignore/shrug off everything, but this is an online forum. that person could be a 90 year old woman just having a little fun for all we know. the worst thing he can do is type things you don't like, in which case you either don't look at them or you just shrug them off.

i've seen enough tough internet dorks out there, and literally they're all talk. fuck em they're not worth the time.


-moped army-

i cursed :)

Re: Yes... I don't understand why some of these ar

Simon King /

Actually, we've taken it offline a bit already....

but I like the idea of typeing the words kick, punch - that's hilarious. The next time I'm in a forum fight I think I'm going to do that....nobody will expect it and it will cool down the whole situation....

Yeah, in MI here we take things seriously - but it's not like we're in fights every day or something....BSH represent - hey dave, when do you leave the country? You're going to be giving us foreign moped updates right?

Re: Yes... I don't understand why some of these ar

ya i leave for bangkok, thailand (with a 12 hour stopover in seoul, korea) on 012701. i plan on taking a lot of moped pictures and hopefully riding a lot of mopeds (which i hear it's really dangerous to do so with their traffic system - by that i mean there kinda isn't one). also since the dollar weighs so heavy on their baht i'm going to attempt to purchase and ship a moped to the us. attempt is the key word. but how cool would that be? - a moped straight from thailand. i wonder what brands they have. i guess we'll soon find out. awesome. i can't believe how soon i'm leaving. i'll be in thailand/malaysia for 2-3 months and then in the summer i'm actually returning to southeast asia but that time right to the jungles of indonesia to assist at camp leakey orangutan rehabilitation/research center. travelling man i've become. but after that i'll most like settle back down and return to school. that sounds boring. baa.

well i'm out


Re: Yes... I don't understand why some of these ar

sounds like an awesome trip! and helping the orangutans is a thrice noble deed. kudos! also, don't worry too much about the traffic system. it's just a bit different in most of the third world. i, personally, love it! why stop at a red light when the're no traffic? ;-)

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