Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

Law Offices of Johnston & Johnsto /

How does this Saturday sound to anyone?

Meet up at St.Anthony Main or something.

Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

Quite a few times - i live at the northern corner of Lake Hiawatha, so i ride the parkway all the time. Thats a really nice ride, as long as it isnt during rush hour - traffic backs up on the parkway on either side of Cedar.

Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

Oh yes. But it's not very long. It is pretty, though... and Nokomis has that beach to stop at.

Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

I think Greg, Mary and I are going to go to go far away to get talk to moped man, so I'm pretty sure we won't be able to make it?

Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

Ah the ol' minnehaha parkway route. A classic.

That's the route we always took. Glorious indeed.


Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

wade, noel, victor, and i are all in chicago for lollapalooza this weekend. next weekend me and wade should be around for some moped action, and once school starts noel and victor will be down as well.

viva la specs.

Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

kim jensen /

Yeah we usually meet up at the Falls and ride the Parkway to Harriet, Calhoun and Lake of the Isles and beyond. I hope to ride Sat afternoon around 3-3:30. I plan on attending the MN Change event (911 truth) at MaCallester College at 6:30 PM.

Took the Allstate out for a second maiden voyage today with better results. Still shifts a little rough and had a burining rubber smell which I am hoping is just a small oil leak on the exhaust???? Can't get the damn rear brake to work very well either! Maybe I'll try a longer voyage Sat. But at slow speeds,

Need to add it to insurance and gert a rear view mirror as well, soooo, maybe not?

Looks like the Specs and the Mopes are out of town this week. Decker what about you?


Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

Not Sure.

I think I might make it a fix it day/get another one on the road day. I am thinking about putting my Jawa motor back together and try to get it running. Also, my Kreidler needs a new drive chain, an o-ring (that won't melt), and the carb needs to be adjusted. Plus the project Maxi could use some work as well as the 63 Wards Riverside.



Re: Minneapolis Meetup/ Another shot

Hey I would love to ride with you guys, but I work till like 7. Hey kbj I work at the pie shoppe right by Macalaster. I know my friend Ethan and I are always down to ride. *Jeffrey

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