buffalo boys!

Hi, my name is Kale and my fascination with mopeds was dying off. Then today out of nowhere AJ and Derek from the buffalo boys moped gang from Sioux Falls, SD found me and brought my spirit right back up. Now they have encouraged me to get my moped done in the next two weeks, and it will happen. Props to both of them for being two very nice easy to get along with. I cant wait to go shred the streets with my soon to be finished Tomos.

Re: buffalo boys!

I rode with those cats in chicago and fount them to be whitty and knowledgable a true assett to the scene in general

Re: buffalo boys!

AJ? Nice and easy to get along with?


Re: buffalo boys!

just kiddin, i love that guy!

Re: buffalo boys!

I haven't met Derek, but AJ and the BBs are great. Favorite branch ever.

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