Early 60s Honda c100

Hello, does anyone know where to find a manual or just a wiring diagram for an early 60s (62/63?) honda c100. I'm beginning a restoration on a running and mechanicly sound cub. Anyone with valuable info on this subject would be huge as this is my first restoration. Any info on finding parts (wire harness) would be rad too.



Re: Early 60s Honda c100

<www.dratv.com> has wiring diagrams, the c100 is same as older

6v c70. He has many parts you can use but is a major asshole if

you question him. Watch freight charges, he once billed me $60

to ship 2 passport tires ($40). His wife fixed it but he continued to

harass me after the refund. (But he has cheap parts)

Many parts I get overseas through E-bay, type c100 into search.

contact the seller with a list of all needed parts and ask for a total

cost with shipping, it will save you $. Shipping takes 4-6 wks.

Re: Early 60s Honda c100

Sorry but I didnt get a name from you. Who has wiring diagrams and cheap parts?


Re: Early 60s Honda c100

Oops. <www.dratv.com>

Re: Early 60s Honda c100

For some reason when I link it it erases, Its dratv with the www and

the .com

Re: Early 60s Honda c100

All those 6v Hondas share components, this diagram should be

very close to yourshttp://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/dratv_2010_116703684

Re: Early 60s Honda c100

You have no idea how huge this is for me! Thanks! Couple of questions though. What is the combination switching diagram? Do you know if the c100 has the same color coding? What is the first thing in line from the battery(has the + and - running through it)? Just a plug? Thanks again.


Re: Early 60s Honda c100

Every 6v honda I've worked on has had the same colors. That is a

plug or grommet in the picture, I don't think yours will have it.

The combo diagram is basicly showing you what happens inside the

ignition switch, it will make sense if you stare at it long enough, if

you suspect a bad switch you can test it using the diagram.

Good luck!

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