60's Peugeot - OIL / GAS ratio ???

just rocked back into the world of Mopeds with a late 60s Peugeot moped! Its beaaaaauuutiful, and i want it to run forever, eva

Now I believe oil gas ratio should have been 50:1 back in the 60s with leaded gas but nowadays what should i run?

Will be using normal non-synthetic 2 stroke oil





Re: 60's Peugeot - OIL / GAS ratio ???

typically oil mixture back in the day was 25:1 or 32:1.

If you are going to be running normal 2 stroke oil, everyone recommends running 32:1.

Honestly, it doesn't change at all from one moped to another and you could have EASILY searched for this.

Re: 60's Peugeot - OIL / GAS ratio ???

50:1 using Amsoil Synthetic. Use it.

Re: 60's Peugeot - OIL / GAS ratio ???

John Smith, huh?


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