Wierd offer for ped OT

i was riding my ped to the beach today and stopped at a yard

i guess the guy was running the sale and when i pulled up and parked my moped he came over and started asking about it and i guess he thought it was worth like 5 grand, asked me if i would be interested in trading for a 56" plasma screen tv.

i thought about it and said nah dont be a dick and rip this guy off, and this is your only transportation to and from work. So i told him where he could buy one and how much would be a good price and he was shocked that i said no and told him why. Did walk away with a free Toy Lightsaber though soo i made it out with somthing good, and i didnt f*** someone over

Re: Wierd offer for ped OT

a ped is much better then a tv anyway.

you have to pay $50+ a month for cable.

$4+ a month for gas

Re: Wierd offer for ped OT

My first ped was a trade for a 32" HDTV

Re: Wierd offer for ped OT

Not all "plasma" TVs are worth $5000. Especially a used tv, unless its some super high end shit its probably not worth more than $200-800 used anyway. Like if its 56" and plasma as he said but only 720p resolution, and a couple years old, really not worth as much as a good ped.

Re: Wierd offer for ped OT

I work at a pawn shop. We sell 50" Plasmas 1-2 years old for around 800 all the time. I would much rather have a Moped.

Re: Wierd offer for ped OT

Triumph, you work at a pawn shop? Awesome!

Steel City Pawn closed down a few years back, but for a while it was the ONLY business that was open in an old mill section of Pittsburgh. I had the worst job ever delivering food for no tips to what looked like abandoned houses, so I made the trip worthwhile by stopping in at the pawn shop each trip (that would have made me employee of the month with what other people were doing, as though anyone was keeping track).

Apparently, when a neighborhood falls apart there is suddenly a huge trade in expensive guitars, knives, and weird guns.

I remember that Steel City Pawn had a semi-automatic "starter pistol" that held six .22 rounds and was about the size of a Zippo lighter. I think the barrel was plugged at some point, but then someone drilled it out - smooth bore, no rifling. That would be a hand-held bullet-setting-off device; I wouldn't have trusted myself not to shoot off part of the hand holding it, and I can't believe they were actually legally allowed to sell these.

So, yeah, jacked AJ's post, sorry. It's okay, he's probably off on a ped chasing some kids while waving a toy light-saber.

Re: Wierd offer for ped OT

haha it seemed pretty new and had 1080i it wouldve been 1,200-2000 no matter what unless he lied cause he said it was 2-3 months old.

i still got a lightsaber though and its kickass

Re: Wierd offer for ped OT

Gunther McCilicutty /

hey black twingle...where was Steel City Pawn? I lived in Pittsburgh (without a ped unfortunatley) for 10 years then moved down to NC last year. was it on SouthSide or Duquesne?

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