NAShville Moped Riders

well, I know there are a few out there, so why not get together and hang out? Please respond here oremail me at

We need a chapter here!

Re: NAShville Moped Riders

mike and ashley /

yes, please.

lets get together.

we are trying to get our mopeds running...

might need some help.

lets meet up soon?

email us.

Re: NAShville Moped Riders

Yo. It's Larry. Working on getting my ped. Keep an eye out will ya? I want something that needs work due to my lack of fundage. Rock on my brother!

Re: NAShville Moped Riders

hey!! Just got an old tomos and was wondering if you knew any nice helpfull mopeders that would be willing to help me rewire my ped? I'm dumb as a brick when it comes to these things. Ha. Gimmie a ring! 678-488-1709 I'm on music row.


Re: NAShville Moped Riders

Matt Shively (MoPagan) /

Let's all get together sometime soon - call me or text 615-569-6960

- Matt

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