Awesome vid

I love this vid.

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Re: Awesome vid

thedrifter /

i would bet money that this guy doesnt own a moped.

Re: Awesome vid

Ill be he has ten mopeds, and twenty wives.

On another note, I found that video very riveting. I watched the whole thing.

Re: Awesome vid

I would also bet that this guy has never seen a moped in real life.

Re: Awesome vid

he said some pretty lame things

"uh...if the a hole problem with oil...then we like...have a problem. We try to not have a problem...because then it costs us money and assembly lines 'n stuff."

but he said some interesting things about the current market and stupid chinese scooters.

nice comparison to cockroaches. He must have been talking about the arrow.

Re: Awesome vid

douche......I like tomos, but all I can say is douche

Re: Awesome vid

Not really confidence inspiring, is it?

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