Man I was out on my casal today running about 40 miles an house.. I mean doing good ! anyways.. a dman dog runs out right in front of me on the dirt road.. I triesd to stop and was in pretty thick loose white sand.. well my back tier wander left and my handle bars wonered right and i just about flipped. I strightened out and hit a damn raises manhole colver and my tool box flew off.. I wasn't aware of this till a house lenght or two later when I hear CLUNK CLUNK and it felt like my piston was ramming throught he fucking engine.. I look down and the engine is almost getting sideways and the pealds are turning backwards hitting me in the damn shin.

Well.. turns out when my toolbox fell off it took the bungee cord with it the box rolled out onto the sand.. din't even come open.. but the danm Bungee coard had wrapped around the back wheel causeing the chain to pop off and the end of the bungee coard actualy ran into encloser that houses the pedal crank and transmision... I don't know what the loud bangs where but im so damn scared.. I hope the thit didn't tear up a gear or something.. it kicked it out of gear and wouldn't go back into gear on the raod.. I sat ont he bike and kinda skateboarded it back home... where i parked it and smoked a ciggarette to calm down.. I was going to go back and shot hte dog.. but I'm a nice guy.. heh

I don't know what to do or where to begine.. I guess ill mess with it tommorrow.. it didn't look bad at all.. but like i said part of the coard went intot he inside part of the tranny/motor.

yikes. im nervouse. Hope the chain didn't break.

Re: Crapola

david f martin /

Jeez, Duck. That's either one of the worst hard luck stories I've ever heard, or you're very bad driver!

Ok, once you get your bike back together...

Watch out for dogs! Get some sand tires, and a helmet... and some good shocks, and some of those tie-down straps (instead of bungee cords), some shin guards... a spare pack of cigarettes and a spare pair of underwear. Oh, yeah, and watch out for dogs...

Sorry about that. I'm glad you weren't hurt.


Hit the dog

From riding motorcycles a long time .. the best riding techniques is to go for the most amount of brakes you can without crashing .. and keep the bike straight up .. don't turn at all .. and if the dog is in front of you.. hit it.

That way you might stay up.

But thats for motorcycles.. a ped being lighter .. that plan may not be the best.

Besides that ... the most liklely thing when thw chain comes off is...... the chain balls up in front of the front sprocket and breaks the engine cases.

Sometimes they can be welded .. sometimes not.

You won't know till you look.. cross your fingers.

Re: Hit the dog

Man I sounded like a moron in the last post... I was still kinda shaken up about the whole thing when I typed it.

I wasn't to worried about crashing or anything.. i am relaly used to driving on the sand.. I managed to do fine and it wouldn't have been a problem but I didn't notice that the manhole cover was now 2 inches high sticking up into the road.. I guess it had been raining alot lately and the road had washed down some leaving it exposed.. the dog was fine I'm fine.. now all I gotta do is figure out what went wrong when my chain slipped off.. I don't htink anything was broken... I stick my finger int eh opening and wiggled it around.. didn't feel anything broken and there wasn't any cuts or holes that you could see on the inside... I'm hopeing I can take off the cover only to find a nice gear ready to have the chain slipped back on it and keep on riding.. I could only be so lucky.. yeah right !!!

Best Smoke I ever had though... lol

Oh and don't worry.. I had my helmit strapped on my ugly mug just incase somehting like that did happen. I was glad to see my tools hadn't busted loose and went all over the sand.. that wouldn't have been fun.. my box is jam packed with loose sockets wrenches and such. I could see me with a broke down ped picking up my wrenches with the same dog now trying to eat me. Oh well.. shit happen I guess... I'm not used to having a running ped anyways.. lol

Re: Hit the dog

david f martin /

"I could see me with a broke down ped picking up my wrenches with the same dog now trying to eat me. "

Betcha you'll be telling that to your grandkids... I know I would...

Heh heh! The hard luck story is starting to get worse! Now we just need a couple of chords and a harmonica... I got the harmonica.


Yo Duck ?

Reeperette /

I dunno what part of the US yer in, but do me this favor ?

Take good care of that Casal, and bring it to one of the bbq's, so we can see it in all it's glory, eh ?

Hell, if I were close enough, I'd help ya work on it, it's one of my fav mopeds, being that it can usually kick the tail of any Tomos I build.


Re: Yo Duck ?

I wish I had some more info on a casal -R

I am not a great moped mechnic.. or anything.. I just itnker some and normaly luck out when it comes to them.. I love my casal but it has some very minor things that bugg the shieit outta me. where are you located .. I live down in south Georgia.. right about the Florida Line. I want to take a trip and meet some people and let them look at it and give me some tips and advice... meeting with lenny in atlanta was pretty cool.. I need more of that... I read alot but itsn't alot diffren't somone walking you through a proceedue and sharing a msoke with them afterwards.

I can't find any information or owners of the casals... hav eyou seen my picture of it? if not i can find one and post.

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