the level?

So I ordered from

Is this a reputable joint?

They seem to have two names as when I search for mopedwarehouse break>

When I call on the phone someone answers but they act way to busy to be of any help. E-mail communication is almost non existent. I have no idea if the items that I've ordered have been shipped. The website has an order tracking feature. My order has been processing for over a week now.

Moped junkyard (also in New Jersey) Was categorically awesome by comparison. The time from order placement to receivership spanned one weekend. I will always shop there before all others.

So, back to my main question, is on the level?

Thank you.

Re: the leve

this kind of thread is unfair. there has been some shadyness, but if it gets talked about, they threaten to sue simon if the thread doesn't get removed.

Re: the leve

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Indeed. I something off them off ebay and they shipped in a day. Their website is not the greatest though. And yes Chris is always busy at the MWH.

Re: the leve

John Joedicke /

Terry thats a riot. LOL

Re: the leve

personally i've never had a bad experience and they always seem to have what i need in stock at the time. the level?

Just bought a bunch of stuff from them and it came in about 2 days. They are in fact very busy though... Leave a message and they will return the call- may take a day or two. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with one of the guys over there the other day getting advice on how to install something so I give them an A+.



is this guy just talking out of his ass?

Re: the leve

FUck I hate this place. I called them a while back about my exhaust and they told me that they where having problems with the pipe in coustoms. That was about 3 weeks ago (and literally 50 emails later). I called them the other day to be told that they had to sign some papers for coustoms (?) and technigas. They took my $140 and put it in to some store credit shit.

Re: terrydean

Always have good luck with them, but they've done some pretty cheesy zap springs...

zap springs???

zap springs?

I don't understand.

Re: terrydean

I ordered some jets from mopedshop and got them quickly no problem.

Mopedjunkyard is great in terms of quick shipping and crazy selection of little bits like every little carb part. But their prices are generally kinda high, thats what you pay for convenience. I wish they carried more performance stuff.

Re: the leve

i ordered some sava tires well over a week ago. i'm not ready to complain yet, i know they are busy. but i thought they would be here by now. and i'm itching to do some hard banking turns.

Re: the leve

zap springs = paz spring knock offs. they could have called them whatever they wanted, and no one would have cared, but they decided to call them zap springs to take a stab at paz. lame.


are you just talking out of yours?

Re: landon

thanks to MWH i have a badass ped. i have order a ton of stuff from them,if they mess up,they make it right,

chris has helped me out on the phone many a time even as busy at they are he never cut me short.

when i order,it get to my house in 2 days most the time,sometimes longer.

Re: the leve

I ask about safari decals.... then so I gave up I never called them....

Re: the leve

But absolutely true, unfortunately :-(

Re: the leve

If it wasn't for the talk coming out of Dean's ass he would be considered mute. Seriously man, I wouldn't put much stock in the words of a competing business manager who also owns the domain

Re: the leve

I have order stuff from them and it gets to me in 2-3 day's every time.

Re: the leve

i'd love to tell you that he's a shady business man, but i have concerns that chris will break into my house and steal my snakes if i do.

Re: the leve

Ordered some Savas and tubes..came in about 2-3 days. Happy!

Re: the leve

I like to play moped.

Re: the leve

good job painful echo, way to call dean out on that one, oh but wait, where are all of the threads about all of that? if you do a search they are all gone, huh i wonder why?

Re: terrydean

Terry Dean does not talk out of his ass, just a sparks can.

Re: terrydean

Fuck your Boys Club /

man, why all the hate on dean? he's only one of the nicest most amazing people i've ever met....ever.

maybe they're just jealous, dean.

Re: the leve

Painful echo, eat a dick oh wait for you that would be Cannibalism! Dean is the manager for a moped shop but with one defining factor, they dont fuck with people shit!

Re: the leve

there are endless threads discussing MWH. i would tell you to search for them but they have been removed because of legal threats to this site.

chris does run a business, a big one too. if you order parts you are most likely going to get them within a few days. hell he even has some really cool stuff.

the thing is, there are many other "shady" things that have happened that we cant talk about. if you care you can discuss it privately with someone. you have a choice as to where to spend your money.

you can choose to buy your tshirts made from american organic cotton or synthetic Taiwanese child blood stained polyester. they are both great shirts.

Re: the leve

I love painful echo. The biggest, stupidest bitch in the moped army. I hope you die, you stupid fuck.

Re: the leve

no you guys, it's true. if it wern't for the talk out my ass thing, i wouldn't ever talk, or whatever he said.

<> takes you to the landing page of the best ciao build blog ever, what of it?

Re: the leve

fail! haha takes you to the landing page of the best ciao build blog ever, what of it?

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