Re: Mopeds vs traffic


what the fuck are you talking about. who is imposing laws on the U.S.?

the boston tea party... seriously?

go back to school. you sound retarded.

my last message in regards to humandude here.

Re: Mopeds vs traffic

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Re: Mopeds vs traffic

humanaquarian, everyone has their right to their own opinion or whatever. elliot is a cool stand up dude. one of the coolest on these forums if you'd ask me. he was just trying to share a video he made. if you don't like the way him and his girlfriend ride you could just say it without coming off as an ass. you just turned this thread into something it is not supposed to be. another go nowhere argument where nothing gets accomplished and everyone ends up hating on you when it was just supposed to be a cool thread with sick moped videos. you ruined it so shame on you for that. and riding mopeds crazy and fast in the city is awesome! you gotta live on the edge every now and then. sick video elliot! don't let people like this dude stop you from posting on the gen forums! so let's all stop taking life so seriously and just be HAPPY! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Mopeds vs traffic

bed bath and beyond...FUCK YEAH!

Re: Mopeds vs traffic

how did this become a angry debacle?

Jeezz, someone press the chill button

Re: Mopeds vs traffic

i don't have any videos.. but i like yours tho!

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