Trouble with batavus points/ignition

Hey guys I'm really in a bad mood as i write this cuz iv been working all day and had a bit of spark this morning and now i dont have any spark.

History: I had to replace my points because they were worn down from a rusty flywheel (learned my lesson Im new lol). Couldn't adjust em anymore.

Anyway, the local scooter shop gave me puch points that were nearly identical except in the wiring for the ground. There is a ground wire coming out of the point whereas before my BAT had just a little bolt/nut to screw the eyelets from ground wires on to.

I had no idea how to put these 3 ground wires together in the small area inside the magneto, so i got a mini bolt/nut and bolted all 3 ground eyelets together. Problem is, they all kinda touch shit around there like the metal on the coil inside the magneto, and sometimes touch the flywheel, and I dont know what else they could possibly be touching, but i tried to tape em up w/ electrical tape. I'm totally unsure if this matters if it touches things because they are just grounds.

When taking the flywheel off, I fear that I may have damaged little bitty wires running around the magneto coils. I don't know where to begin to check for this.

I dont know how to check my condenser, or the ig. coil. And I'm pretty sure I can't get OEM parts easily.

Really need help guys anything u can throw out there, I'll b searching the site for answers but anything from how to check ur ig. coil to 'you did the grounds wrong' would really help me out I'm stumped!


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