a compliment...from a cop

On my way to work this morning I had to wait for traffic to get through a construction zone. While waiting there one of the officers who was on/off duty walked by me and gave my ped a hard look. I blew it off. On his way back he passed me and gave me a compliment of " I like your saddlebags". I was kind of in shock because that was the last thing I expected, but I returned the gesture with a "hey, thanks".

I had mounted two 50cal ammo cans on the back a few weeks ago and the best I got from that project was one of my friends busting out laughing.

I guess some cops can be nice.

Re: a compliment...from a cop

I get compliments from cops all the time actually. That and offers to buy it.

Re: a compliment...from a cop

all the bandits got pulled over on a group ride like a year ago. all he wanted was to act like every other jack ass that comes up to you on the street:

"where'd ya' get those?"

"how much...?"

"i had a buddy once..."

"yeah those are pretty neat."

at least he didn't ask if he could buy one.

Re: a compliment...from a cop

Saddlebags is gay speak for ass halves. Yes he paid you a compliment

Re: a compliment...from a cop

I wish i would get compliments when a cop stops me.

Re: a compliment...from a cop

I rode by 3 firefighters a while ago. They flagged me over.

They wanted to take my ped for a ride. I let them. They all whipped out their camera phones and were taking pictures.

Re: a compliment...from a cop

Some cops are cool, others are dicks. A little hint. Dont adress them as cop, dude, man, pig, douche, asshole, or donut patrol. Officer (insert name). Another hint, If you can make the guy laugh, all is well.

Re: a compliment...from a cop

Your right Brandon. I learned from experience that the best way to deal with a cop is by saying "yes sir and no sir". Don't even argue. Then again, I don't try to evade them either. Totally legal these days, although that hasn't always been the case.

Re: a compliment...from a cop

Its a job. Some of them over take there place to know how to do there job.n :)

Most cops are nice.

It's dictators who are dick heads.

Re: Most cops are nice.

I had some firefighters throw a water balloon at me from a moving fire truck earlier this month. I live in a small town and I knew who they were, I guess that makes the difference between it being something I'd get pissed off about and something I'd laugh at.

If it had been a total stranger, I would have been like "what a total asshole!" but if a friend drove by and threw a brick at me I'd probably laugh and think "what a hilarious asshole!"

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