What Moped is best?

What would be the best moped to buy?

And best to buy for first timer?

Re: What Moped is best?

there is a good range of solid mopeds for first-timers. i'd recommend anything w/ a minarelli, puch, or sachs engine on it (many different brands used these engines). garelli is also good, but less common.

mostly, look for something that's at least complete (all the parts, esp engine parts) are there. but if you want something you don't have to fix before you ride it ... make sure it runs and runs fairly well before you buy it.

Re: What Moped is best?

adrian (UK) /

Hi well i got to go for the Puch DS50 or Sears allstate as badged in the USA. - i cant beleive you guys are not snapping these little babies up on E-bay,


Re: What Moped is best?

that kinda looks like a scooter with pedals on it adrian...

Re: What Moped is best?

adrian (UK) /

yep its sort of a scooter type moped. known as the "Baby Puch" in Europe, they are quite cute, with lots of bits from other Puch, so parts are ok to find, see pic` of brochure of the day & 1 recently on E-bay (usa). i am currently restoring 1 of 2 i have. they are very easy to work on. the red DS50/ pic has just been powder coated rather than paint & it looks real cool. the fuel tank is at the chromers at the moment so it should be finished quite soon.



Re: What Moped is best?

Rick Fiddler /

Don't forget Tomos, two speed, plenty fast and mine has been mostly trouble free.


Re: What Moped is best?

just remeber geo, plastic doesn't rust ;-}

tomos, tomos, tomos....

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