what to do with money.

ok so i plan on selling my 125cc pitbike

i think i could get a grand out of it.

and because i dont have a car i could put it straight to the bank for a start at a saving account for one.

or kit, gear, and maybe a better pipe. on my tomos.

then keep the rest for a car.

i want a wrangler ( i know they get horrible gas milage)

Re: what to do with money.

treats has good stuff

Re: what to do with money.

i now lol

i am thinking airsal 140

(i have a 16mm carb)

tecno exhaust 120

puch head light. 20

and 10 dollar bars i found on some chopper bike site that i like and are black


plus gears... i am thinking the 31 tooth front from steves mopeds. but thats a little much i think.

Re: what to do with money.

hookers and blow

Re: what to do with money.

toe fur threadkiller /

give it to me.

Re: what to do with money.

zeo763k@yahoo.com thats my paypal email. just go ahead and send it my way. there problem solved. i could tell you exactly where its going, my piece of shit ass blazer that i need to get my awesome ass maxi to lancaster to get her runing.

Re: what to do with money.

wrangler jeans get excellent mileage for the price.

Re: what to do with money.

my gf has a 95 wrangler for sale here in boston if you happen to be up this way by end of summer.

i say start a savings account and/or put it towards a car. you kit, carb, and pipe up your tomos and take a bad spill...you got a lot of money going down the drain...least a car will hold up better in accidents.

Re: what to do with money.

Buy a plane ticket and go to Blood Drive...

Re: what to do with money.


i only have my permit untill october 6th.

so i am riding dirty right now.

no kit = less chances of speeding ticket and fines.

Raise these for more cash!

Re: Raise these for more cash!

i know ur kinda far away.. but i have a 83' jeep cj7 that need's some work.. i'll sell it for 600.oo im moving aug 17th, it need's a voltage regulator anda gastank

Re: Raise these for more cash!

Those look alot like my daughters.

Re: Raise these for more cash!


Re: what to do with money.

Re: what to do with money.


Re: what to do with money.

I ordered two. One red packaged one, and one purple. The red packaged one, I named Rigor, and the purple, I named Mortis.

Rigor was the first one to come out of hybernation, and before Mortis was even alert, Rigor did something to him. Mortis never woke up right. I may have got a defective one, I don't know. I'm thinking of getting another, but they are pretty high priced. Still, Mortis responds sorta, but it's like he's half dead all the time.

My daughter wanted them so badly, and I was intrigued too. You should see what Rigor does to the cats! hahahaa!

Re: what to do with money.

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

Don't they fill their diapers with a lot of batteries?

Re: what to do with money.

Nope, they eat and crap like a cat or dog, but they don't smell nearly as bad, and they are sorta shy when they relieve themselves. I've got Rigor trained to go outside in the summer, through our kitty door. Mortis,,, well lets not talk about him.... sorta sad. I am patiently waiting to ummmm well bid him farewell probably any time, he's not doin' good at all. I think they had a mistake on him, or Rigor did alot more damage than I first thought.

They don't take batteries after they are out of their pack. Those batteries are for monitering health, and injetcing small sustinence fluid when needed. I've heard they still can legally sell these in Canada. I had to do a bit of around the corner, under the table sorta stuff to get mine, that;'s why I never returned Mortis to begin with.

You can order special food for them, but it's not necassary. They'll eat canned dogfood, catfood, or most human food. One thing they don't like are things like apples, or harder fruit like that. Raw potatoes or carrots and things of that natuer they seem to not like. I think their jaws aren't very strong, as these go to kids alot of the time. The best thing is they don't have to eat often. Mortis, I make eat a few spoonfulls of Fancy Feast at least once a day, and I have to make him eat it. Rigor, will sometimes getin the cupboards, but I've beat him for it once after he spilled a bag of flour all over the counter and floor, and he's not even hardly got on the couch after that. They seem to be pretty intelligent, and learn very quickly.

The thing is, Rigor's life-span is supposedly shorter than Motis's, so if Rigor lasts a year or two more, it won't be too weird having a Rigor, but not a Mortis. I have a feeling I won't be getting any more, as it was a huge run-around, and more money than I can shell out these days.

I want to take Rigor for a moped ride, but my daughter freaks out at me just mentioning it, so I haven't..... yet! hehehee

Re: what to do with money.

am i tripping?

Re: what to do with money.

Gunther McCilicutty /

That fucking thing can't be real..got any pics? I don't believe this thing.....

Re: what to do with money.

gotta second the hookers and blow.

Re: what to do with money.

That's a little creepy. Post some pics Deezy.

Re: what to do with money.

"brand new tomos proma kit, with a biturdbo and it's jetted up, it's fast as shit"

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