Condensor or Coil Problem?

My Sachs engine misses, then backfores and quits after it's warmed up. It'll miss, then eventually shut down completely. After the shut down, I've checked for spark and there is none. Not sure if my condensor is shot or perhaps my coil. Wondering how I'd know which is bad?

Re: Condensor or Coil Problem?

Easier to check are your points and spark plug gap, check them, if they are not the problem directly, they may be adding to your troubles. My mobylette used to backfire and pop, but not run, and I ended up replacing points and condensor. Perhaps you have a similar problem? Good luck with it.

Re: Condensor or Coil Problem?

Reeperette /

Replace the condensor first, it's cheaper, more likely to go bad, and at least on the Mbecane-7's like Ron and I rode to and from bbq7 - in a bad place for it.

One of ours went kapoofty on the way back, with virtually identical symptoms, so odds are that's what it is - coils usually last forever.


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