E50 Korado puch maxi build..wheee

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I've spent the past month or two cleaning, adjusting, rebuilding, and port matching my e50 case to a fancy korado top end that is replacing my airsal. I ported it mildly, matched the transfers on a completely degreased, clearcoated gun-metal colored50 case, used thin gaskets for extra compression, tightened paz springs for extra clutch spinup, and used a magnum X intake with a forward facing 17mm bing. Gearing is set at 14x45. I got impatient last night and fired it up without an exhaust pipe on it, and with the carb jetted too rich to get top performance out of it. Even so, the thing got me to 28mph faster than any moped has a right to. I had to lean forward to keep it from launching out from underneath me.

Once I get this thing finished it's going to be nuts, I want it geared for uber acceleration, so all I need it to do is hit 32 or 33, just get there like a bat out of hell. So far, things are looking awesome.

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Re: E50 Korado puch maxi build..wheee

Pictures . We want Pics

Re: E50 Korado puch maxi build..wheee

yah and some videos of you pulling a car or truck wit this thing

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