'73(?) Puch MV50 Sport - Value?

Curious what this is worth as pictured?

If this goes how I'd like, I'll get the QT together and sold, and start on this top tank for a keeper...


Re: '73(?) Puch MV50 Sport - Value?

Wrong picture I think, please repost. That Hodaka looks hammered though.

Re: '73(?) Puch MV50 Sport - Value?

Steve Williams /

that looks like a puch m125,definitely not an mv50.

Re: '73(?) Puch MV50 Sport - Value?


Doh, thanks Steve...

The pic has the wrong label, sorry. I smell smoke and homeless ppl...

Re: '73(?) Puch MV50 Sport - Value?


...cheez whiz definately does NOT go with Bailey's...or E&J...or Mike's. It sucks on falafel too. What does it go with?...I'll just have to keep searching. I'm out of Ritz...

'73(?) Puch MV50 Sport - Value?

SR 125. Cool bikes. Parts can be hard to come by as it was Puch's attempt to get in to the "sport bike" market that was developing in the late 60's. They proceeded to get hammered by the Asian bikes and that was the end of them. Here's mine.

Re: '73(?) Puch MV50 Sport - Value?

Thanks brystheguy. Curious if it's valuable enough to pursue? Relative to a similar year asian bike, I mean.

So far, my German skills are being put to the test. I've found some parts, but they are definately scarce. Thanks for the clarification on the model. I know it's not a 'ped, so it's probably off topic by now.

Is there another forum somewhere that you use to help with parts and so forth?

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