Better MPG with a performance pipe?

When you put a performance pipe on a moped, does it cause the moped to get better milage? Logically, I think it would, then again it might just cause the carb to suck more air and gas, atleast partially offsetting the fact that you are going faster. My PA50 II before could cruise for about and hour an a half at 30 MPH with out the pipe on about a half gallon so thats approximately 90MPG. If a pipe adds 8 MPH top end, should I be getting more like 115 Miles per gallon? If so, performance pipes would slowly pay for themselves.

Any ideas or results you'd care to share?

Re: Better MPG with a performance pipe?

Anything performance I've ever done has killed the milage. Maybe just a pipe wont do it too much, but if it aids airflow, and therefore fuel-flow, it'll loose a bit.

I wouldn't expect much though, unless you upped the carb at the same time.

Re: Better MPG with a performance pipe?

thedrifter /

Ive thought about this before and think that after I put a technigas pipe on my 07 sprint I got better mileage. If you don’t compensate with a bigger jet (which is recommended) your air:gas fuel ratio will be a bit higher, in other words you’ll be running leaner. Other logic I used was this, when I was using half throttle before I only went 25, now when I use half throttle I go 30. Either way your using half throttle which is the same amount of fuel per hour, but with the pipe on your going faster so therefore more efficient and youll get better mileage.

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