Parts rattling off...

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Was just riding my new ZA50 maxi. Heard that distinct sound of something clunking behind me... Looked back, tail light cover.

Cut it over to the sidewalk, it's after dark, so I'd like to get it back. Biker nearly hits me as I pull onto the sidewalk. She screams at me as I try to pull it up. I guess I should have looked more, but bitch shouldn't be riding without light, or on the sidewalk.

Walked back half a block, saw it shattered in the middle of the road..

I hate it when this happens, especialy to something so easily breakable, and that I don't regularly tighten..

What has everyone else lost? I've seen pedals, airboxes.. I lost a pipe at least once..

Re: Parts rattling off...

Baffle off the end of my tailpipe Going through a shortcut on the other side of the lake.Had to go back and look through the high grass for it,After a little seaching I found it and cranked the nut on a little tighter.

Re: Parts rattling off...

just today one of my engine mount bolts started to idea why, but i looked down when it started to move. thank goodness i was close to home!

Re: Parts rattling off...

I had a pedal fall of a few times. A chain a few times, I even had a tire blow so hard that the tire came off the rim once. I've lost my tail light lense off a few times, and it was glass, so it's long been broken now. I've had a drunken Indian fall off once. I've had drunken girls fall off a few times. I've dropped a package on the way to the P.O. and ruined it so I had to go re-package it. I had my front wheel on a Peugeot fall off once, going around a fast washboard corner. I've had a tailpipe fall off once on a Bianchi. I've had my gas cap fall off once, cause it was just set on. I've had my clothes fall off before too. I've had my chain guard fall off. I've had fenders come loose, but never actually hit the pavement.

Re: Parts rattling off...

Yes. The license plate, some engine mounting bolts, and recently, parts of my brakes. Now I can go 10 mph.

Stupid moped.


Re: Parts rattling off...

loctite is my friend.....i have more of a problem breaking parts, taillamp brackets always seem to break. Then i get the same problem. I go through all the bolts every 30 days of riding, its a single cylinder engine, its going to rattle apart.

Re: Parts rattling off...

I lost my pipe, and drove four miles before I figured it out. 'Cause I'm retarded.

Re: Parts rattling off...

I had a girl fall off a 4 wheeler, a bunch of tail lights, a tool kit, exhaust mount bolt, groceries, beer, gas cap, I think that about covers it.

ZA50? when did this come about? What frame, is the rat rolling again?

Re: Parts rattling off...


Its his new gold two-speed he picked up this weekend. Hey Zack. So Genevieve came over last night, late. We worked on her bike till 11:30. That bike is $%^&*()ed up. I think we need to tear it apart on Sunday and do a complete re-build eventually. I fixed up her choke and it starts and runs, but it won't idle, and dies randomly. Oh, and head bolts were finger-turn loose.

People, please don't let noobs buy bikes in this condition.:)

I think the only thing that was falling off her Puch last night was hope - but we have the technology to rebuild it.

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