Magnum frame defect???

Can someone please point out to me the "weak" spot on the magnum loop frame? I know it has something to do with the swingarm/engine mount area...

I received my Magnum frame via snail mail today and upon opening the box (bunch of corrugated taped together) I instantly noticed that the seller hadn't bothered to brace or cushion the motor mount ears...which of course had shot through the "box" and got bent up to the point at which I'm worried about bending it back without a torch (and a big hairy guy to operate it). I'm wondering if in fact underneath the grease crud if this crack exists or if by bending back the engine mounts it will produce it...

Where does the crack occur?

Re: Magnum frame defect???

Did all the Magnum owners go to sleep early last night?

Re: Magnum frame defect???

Bring it to a body shop. That sucks .

It is supposed to be shipped in a Bike box with foam on the bottom and front and rear .

Re: Magnum frame defect???

Tell me about it...

People so rarely take the time to do things properly.

Re: Magnum frame defect???

hammer it back, worst comes to worst weld another sheet of metal on there.

Re: Magnum frame defect???

i don't have a picture, but someone else might post one.

the weak spot isn't really on the swiss cheese motor mount part of the frame, its where the pedal crank goes through the frame on the left side (if you're sitting on the bike.) mine was cracked all the way around the spot where you would slide the pedal crank in.

pictures will explain better. i know its happened to some creatures and others.

i had doug weld mine up and its working just fine.

Re: Magnum frame defect???

I am sending out a magnum frame today to Mike and I packed it crazy with foam and paper and filler boxes.

I would bring it to a autobody shop cause they have all the welding stuff and torches.

Re: Magnum frame defect???

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I was just thinking "I hope my magnum frame doesn't come like that." Then I thought "No, Harry is doing the packing, and he'll do it right." Then I saw your post. haha

Re: Magnum frame defect???

dont heat the mounts too hot to bend...they will become brittle and break eventully

Re: Magnum frame defect???

Thanks for the answer Jake...

It's at a welding shop as we speak. The guy is going to look it over good and see what he thinks.

That was another concern Mathew..this stuff isn't exactly Reynolds 4130.

It's so critical to brace things properly when shipping!

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