Des Moines Iowa

Are there any other Moped riders here in Des Moines? I would like to find some people to ride with.

Re: Des Moines Iowa

I roll quite often - usually downtown, I have seen a bunch of scooters buzzing around too. I have a baby so I can't make it a regular event - but e mail me and I will go for a ride.


Re: Des Moines Iowa

i ride all the time, but more over towards the grimes area. i do come downtown sometimes. lately i've been riding my suzuki FZ50...some guy that runs a restaraunt downtown has a red '81 passport. true mopeds seem to be few and far between around these parts, but i know Nopeds sold like hotcakes back in the 70s/80s so des moines is flooded with them. not on the road, but i've found 7 expresses in the area alone and never paid more than $50 for any of them.

hey bo, i think we chatted via '78 bravo still isnt getting spark, think you could help? im stumped...

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