best synthetic for tomos

Thanks for the help on oil types, I am now trying to determine the best synthetic for my 2002 targa with oil injector, I have been checking out amsoil, redline and bel-ray any input on which is best. I don't want to spend that much for oil but if it is worth it I will. i have been using a synthetic blend, but I am riding hard and don't want any big money problems to arise. The bike cost enough already.


best synthetic for tomos

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Re: best synthetic for tomos

Fred says any two stroke oil will do. He's the master, so i trust that.

The guys at my local shop said to run the "loosest" synth I could on my scooter. They said the thick stuff (like 2 stroke boat oil) won't go through the injector as well

I sloshed both around... you can see a big difference in the synth.

if you're doing pre-mix, I think (opinion!) any oil will work fine.

if it's being injected, and it's getting cooler where you are, you might want to get a gallon of the thin synth made for oil injectors...

And, someone was saying something about "Amsoil" and how it made bikes and chainsaws run like new.

most of my bikes have been injected, and like Fred says, I used ANY 2 stroke oil I could find. Once I put the kit on my scoot, the guys at the shop nicely asked me to use synth so their hard work didn't blow up.

The scooter is running fine, and I don't know if the synth makes a difference, except that is is CLEARLY much thinner or looser than the regular. I guess that means even cold, plenty will make it to the piston.

2 cents. hope it helps. They also told me the chemicals in boat oil could gunk up the injector.... don't know how true that is.

They said that boat oil was BAD. I almost wanted to tell 'em to "Go ask Fred...!"

Re: best synthetic for tomos

Thanks for the help everybody


Re: best synthetic for tomos

Definitely use a oil made for injection systems. I use Amsoil and have had no problems.

Also, my local scooter shop guys recomment that you don't switch back and forth between different types and brands of oil. Find one that you like and stick to it.

Good Luck!


Re: best synthetic for tomos

Reeperette /

>>They said that boat oil was BAD. I almost wanted to tell 'em to "Go ask Fred...!"<<

I use cheap 99-cent crap two-stroke oil, often stuff advertised for boats, in injected and pre-mix mopeds, most of em Tomos.

I been doing that for 15 and more years - know how many I've had seize on me in all that time ?


The first one was a 1974 Tomos, a friend of mine ran it on straight gas, and wiped out a cylinder and rings...NO oil = very bad.

The Second was the Fa50, which runs a too lean mixture and a really hot plug stock, practically baiting a seizure right off the assembly line.

But no matter what two-stroke oil I've ever used, pre-mix or injection, there's never been any significant difference to me in a stock moped.

As for the thinner synthetics, you might just screw your mixture if you change from one oil to another, so be advised of that, and check the mixture.

All in all tho, it makes no difference I've seen.


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