ridiculous trade offers?

Anyone got any crazy offers from selling mopeds on CL? Cause I just got offered a 1981 porche 924, that needs work. As an even trade.

For a 77 benelli blazar with a hack ass paint job, that's listed for 450 ( 350 to a ma member).

I'm wondering if this car is hot or something cause 2500$ car =/= any moped.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?


Unless you really like them or are into them. I've seen a lot of ads for "trade my shitty v8 4x4 for a moped motorcycle toyota"

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

I know that some parts on the 924's can be an absolute pain to work on. Had a friend who needed a new fuel pump for one he bought, the parts alone were going to set him back around 800. I would find out what work it needs and how much $$ it will cost before you even consider it. If you don't mind that, get the VIN and have it checked. If the guy is legit then he won't mind. Good luck, you might have a deal there!

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

A car that "needs work" may be basically worthless depending on what work.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

a car that needs work is $400.00 at the scrapyard keep that in mind and if the yard does not have scales they are ripping you off

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

Someone once offered me some Hollywood memorabilia like:

screen legend Anthony Quinn's tshirt.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

Hahaha. What a shirt that may be.

I got the vin and I'm gonna have it checked tomorrow, but that's a pretty sweet deal for a moped, imo.

I need an actual car, instead of the huge ass suv I drive.

But then again I won't have anything to move peds.

I doubt I can put a hitch on a porche and pull a trailer.

96 chevy tahoe or 81 porche 924.

I'm gonna send my stepdad who knows cars like a pro to look at it tomorrow and evaluate it.

There's gotta be more crazy trade storys out there.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

I have seen ads that want to trade a Benz or Porsche and other vehicles that make me think twice about, but most are out of my area.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

I saw an ad on CL saying that he would trade his 3/4 acre land parcel for a small running motorcycle straight across. Must me in the middle of nowhere.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Someone asked if I wanted a boat.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

someone wanted to trade me a shot to the nuts for my moped. Ive had one of those before, it wouldnt have been a fair trade.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

a $400 porsche is just an invitation to drop a couple grand getting it back to decent shape

you know why he wants to trade it for something simple that works?

b/c hes tired of dumping money on it

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

The Porsche 924 is an absolute shit-pile. Cheap construction with a lousy Audi motor. Keep your ped.

Re: ridiculous trade offers?

there were two versions of the 924

the first was an audi they rebadged at the last minute.

utter and total shit. Id be trying to trade it for a moped as well.

the second version was like a dummied down 944 with skinnier tires and less balls.

Luckily , its ok i you confuse them as they are both piles of crap.

Think 1200 dollar timing belts,

those cars had manditory 3k mile checkups that cost an arm and a leg for a reason.

924 that doesnt need work ? Maybe in the museum.

dont do it, its not worth the scrap pile

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